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Books That Should Hit Your Shelves This Month

For book lovers, every new year comes with a fresh list of options to add to their must-read library. If you’re having trouble deciding what to read this year, check out these awesome books from January and February that you need to read.

Binti 3 (The Night Masquerade) by Nnedi Okorafor

PHOTO CREDIT: Macmillan Publishers

The third instalment of Nnedi Okorafor’s award-winning sci-fi trilogy Binti came out on January 16.  In this thrilling conclusion, Binti returns to her home planet in hopes that the violence of Meduse is a thing of the past. On arrival, her people are generally people and welcoming, however, the Khoush begin to spark up their ancient rivalry against with Meduse causing conflict for Binti.

The Hush by John Hart

PHOTO CREDIT: Author John Hart

The Hush is a thriller mystery that is sure to rock your world.

Johnny Merrimon’s life has changed dramatically after an event and although it’s been ten years, the memories are vivid. As a result, he isolated himself in the wilderness even as tales of his exploits still spread around the town. His only connection to the real world is his friend Jack who went through the pains of the event with him.  

Although Johnny seems fine, Jack can see through the illusions of this new place Johnny calls home. He sees the dangers and even if Johnny doesn’t speak about it, there are new things Johnny can do. Unnatural things that most might consider a gift but Jack knows better. The book is due for release on February 27.

One Way by S. J. Morden

PHOTO CREDIT: Hachette Australia

One Way takes us on a trip to Mars. In this story, mankind is ready to colonize Mars, however, the contract to build the first-ever Martian base was given to the lowest bidder. With lack of funds, they have to cut corners and this resulted in sending eight astronauts to Mars which were not in the original plan.

Eight inmates including Frank are sent to space to work but as work begins, accidents begin to occur that put everyone at risk. As the tension builds, Frank realizes that these occurrences might not be accidents at all as a larger plot unfolds. The book comes out February 15.

Everything Here Is Beautiful by Mira T. Lee

PHOTO CREDIT: ebook-hunter.com

This wonderful work of fiction tells the story of two sisters: Miranda and Lucia. Miranda is the older and responsible one who protects her sister while Lucia is wild, impulsive and unconventional. When their mother passes, Lucia starts to hear voices and Miranda must fight to help and protect her sister. Told from different perspectives, Everything Here Is Beautiful is a compelling drama about family bonds and love.

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