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Solange Knowles: Making Art and Music

Say what you must about the Knowles sisters or about the controversies around them but what is undeniable is the fact that in their unique ways they have contributed immensely to the entertainment industry in America and the world all over. On a smaller scale than her elder sister Beyoncé, is Solange when we talk about the impact made. She can be easily described as a non-conformist and is more outspoken as regards issues she is passionate about.

When comparing the music created by two sisters, they are infinite opposites but her recent album has created a major shift in that line of perception. According to the New Yorker in light of her album “A Seat at the Table”, Solange and her sister who have been constantly seen as opposing narratives did share a political steak with this album. “A Seat at the Table” and “Lemonade” would be the highlight of the Knowles sisters on common popular opinions to our knowledge.

This article is not about her recent album, nor are we here to compare and contrast the Knowles sisters. We are here to appreciate the artist and creative that is Solange. I never connected to Solange as an artist but as a fashion icon and even then I though she just took things way too far. I take that back because the easy access to her work in recent times has given us an upper hand to appreciating Solange for Solange.

Who is Solange? You might ask.  Solange Piaget Knowles is a singer, songwriter, model, actress and undeniably a fashion icon. Notably known for her outstanding sense of style, Solange is also a major inspiration to natural hair sisters all over. Solange on the very few times she has given the media access to her private life has shown us to be a bold personality who is not afraid of pushing the limits – can we take a moment to acknowledge the all-white quiet wedding? Or the edgy style choice at every award show, gala or social event?

Solange has proved to be a woman in her right, it is usually hard for siblings who have an already famous sibling to find their voices and they usually find themselves trying so hard to fight that comparison but not Solange, she has used it to her advantage way too many times, Solange is responsible for bringing Beyoncé and Jay Z to indie-rock shows, having her sister on some of her shows and she continues to impress us with her individuality. Solange in her journey as an artist d.j.’d small events and continued to explore herself as a master of sound.

The growth of her music career can also be seen through her record label Saint Records, a label designed to showcase a stable of largely independent, left-of-center R. & B. artists, and to reclaim the genre from fickle white audiences, according to the New Yorker.

Solange embodies what it means to be true to one’s self, she is strong willed and has taken every step in her stride without feeling the need to succumb to the pressure felt by most celebrities. It is very easy for me to say that Solange is a role model to women and men all over the world.

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