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Kerry Washington and Viola Davis Make Big Moves

2016 has been a wonderful year for Black woman as they are seizing their own opportunities. Early this year, Kelly Rowland announced her plans to a makeup line for dark-skinned women, thus taking a stand against the racism in the beauty industry. Joining recently, are Kerry Washington and Viola Davis as they announced the launching of independent production companies.

Having these two powerful Black actresses launch their own production companies is definite proof that Black women are taking control of real events. Having shows that do not have Black characters or other characters of Color at interest of heart, it leads to these characters dying off in a rather slow and painful way or ignoring the importance of representing other characters of color.

As seen over time, the television and the film industry has shown interested in diversity in their shows. A number of programs like The Brady Bunch, Full House, or Friends, just to name a few were not made with Black audiences in mind. For the producers, we were not an audience worth marketing toward. People of color were a forgotten and also avoided. Even though Black women are winning major acting and producing awards, people still rather whitewash their movies and television shows rather than allow diversity to thrive.

For certain, I know we are watching racism and mistreatment of characters of color in the media, and we want more. I am thankful that both Washington and Davis are making moves to put an end to this, meaning that a change has come.


Source: TheColourNetwork

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