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Got Plans for National Girl Friends Day?

Two friends laughing. Photo: konbini

National Girl Friends Day is recognised annually on August 1. It is literally the day of the girl friend, to express gratitude to a girl you have a good relationshipe with, whether it is sexual or platonic. It is the relationship that details them as a friend.

On this special day, ladies can get together with their girl friends and hang out. You know your girlfriends, hopefully, and what they like to do. If you cannot do it today, you can always wish them a happy girl friends day and then set a date to hang out later. Find a way that best helps you express what they mean to you.

You could: do something special for your girlfriend, visit a park together, have a slumber party, go swimming, eat out, remember old times over a glass of wine or a cold drink, see a movie, discuss your business, watch “Girlfriends” financial or life goals or the latest romance novel, go to a spa, get your hair and nails done together, or just meet up to hug and ask how they are doing. Today is the day for anything that involves your girl friends.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. If it means more to you and your girl friend(s), then that is what you should do. It is not about the best thing to do, but the close personal attachment you have with your friend. So remember your girl friends and enjoy the day with them.

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