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Gladiator Sequel May Be In The Works

It is indeed a year for sequels as the hit film , Gladiator released in 2000 is set to have a follow up. According to reports, Sir Ridley Scott ‘s highly successful Roman epic is set to have a sequel.

The acclaimed film won five Oscars, including best picture and best actor for its star Russell Crowe.

According to sources, the sequel will centre on the story of Lucius, the son of Lucilla.

Maximus who was the focal point of the first film was killed at the end but his revenge for his own family left an impression on the young boy Lucius.

Lucius was the nephew of Commodus played by Joaquin Phoenix. Commodus and Maximus fought till death at the end of the film.

Maximus. Photo: BBC

Peter Craig,screenwriter for The Hunger Games is reportedly the lineup to write the script.

Fans are left to hope that the sequel will be as compelling as the first film.

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