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Noisy generators become “Voice Of The City” in episode 11 of Glo’s Prof Johnbull

Professor Johnbull

Professor Johnbull

Constant electricity supply has been identified as one of the immediate solutions to excessive noise pollution that people witness daily through the use of noisy generators in neighbourhoods across the country.

This was the highlight of the Glo-sponsored TV drama Series, Professor Johnbull, titled “Voice of the City” which came on air on Tuesday, with a repeat broadcast slated for Friday on NTA Network, NTA International on DSTV Channel 251 and NTA on StarTimes at 8.30 pm.

It all started when Professor Johnbull’s nephew Dr. Ifeanyi Ogunyemi, who he invited from United States of America for a special seminar on road traffic fraud, complained of his inability to sleep, saying, “sleep is not attainable in this condition. I wish for the fast arrival of the day.” He added that: “the noise of the generator is too much; it is like I am sleeping in a factory.” The professor who initially taught his nephew was complaining of heat had to appeal to him to exercise patience, saying that he experienced the same thing when he relocated to Nigeria. “You will get used to it,” the Professor assured him.

The same issue of noise pollution came up again when Mama G (Patience Ozokwor) confronted Olaniyi (Yomi Fash-Lanso) over the effect of his generator’s noise. Mama G said, “your generator is too noisy; I need to rest after my shift in the hospital.” But Olaniyi countered her that he had every right to put on his generator when there was no light and the argument continued with Mama G sarcastically replying that “the sound of the generator is different from the sound of music.” The battle between the two later shifted to Professor Johnbull’s residence.

Meanwhile, before their arrival, Etuk (Ime Bishop) was already with the Professor in the house where he met the professor’s nephew sleeping. Out of frustration, the Professor expressed his view on the electricity supply situation in the country and noise pollution from the generator in the neighbourhood, saying: “the voice of the city denied him (his nephew) of the smallest indivisible particle of any sleep, that is, any atom of sleep.”

Olaniyi later arrived and met a full house comprising Ufoma (Bimbola Akintola), Mama G, Etuk, Mai Doya (Funky Mallam), Professor Johnbull and his sleeping nephew. The same issue of noise pollution from generators continued with Olaniyi accusing Mama G of reporting him to her lawyer on the generator issue. It was their noise that eventually woke up the Professor‘s sleeping nephew, who was shocked by the level of conflicts going on.

Professor Johnbull, in his usual style applied wisdom and was able to calm frayed nerves. Addressing them, he said “Proximate People, everyone here is right, at the same time, wrong,” adding that they must find a middle point of agreement. Another round of disagreement ensued immediately, specifically between Mai Doya and Olaniyi, but the professor was able to resolve it amicably too.

In conclusion, Professor Johnbull who described power problem in the country as a “recurring decimal in our history” called for exploration of alternative energy sources like solar and nuclear energy. He added that “we should help Government to generate more electricity by not vandalising the facilities that helps government to generate and distribute electricity, maybe we can begin to silence all these unwanted noise….I mean ‘Voice of the City.”

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