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5 Common Sex Injuries To Avoid On Valentine’s Day

Let’s admit it, a good number of people will be having a roll in the sheets today being Valentine’s Day.

In the excitement of lovemaking, however, there are some sex injuries you should know about so that you can avoid them! Here are five of the most common sex injuries people have.

Fractured penis

You have probably come across an article or two about a fractured penis and while it might sound like an unbelievable read, it happens. Forget your knowledge that the penis contains no bones hence can’t be fractured because you have to understand it can be bent really bad until the two tubes of blood that fill it during an erection rupture, causing swelling, bruising, and severe pain. If you have a penis, you can already imagine all the pain this can cause so the advice here is to aim carefully with your member.

Vaginal tears

If you thought a fractured penis is not your cup of tea to worry about, sorry to say ladies but you have vaginal tears to worry about! This mostly happens as a consequence of engaging in coitus when the vagina is dry. To avoid this, ensure you are ready before engaging in intercourse and one of the best ways to prepare your body is to engage in foreplay and it doesn’t hurt to have a bottle of lube handy.

Rug burns

When Iyanya sang from the “bed to the bedroom”, he forgot to add that there are sometimes other places where people roll onto in the heat of the moment. During mind-blowing sex, you may find yourself so enthralled you find yourself ending up on the rug but keep going at it without realising
that you are both starting small fires. As with any burn, wash the affected area with cool water and antibacterial soap.

Head trauma

This can happen anywhere. Hitting one’s head on the tiles after slipping in the shower, hitting one’s head on the headboard of the bed, accidentally shoving someone’s head through the windshield during car sex etc.

Back pain

If you get carried away during sex usually like performing some Mr Fantastic moves, then you need to be reminded that you don’t have the superpowers of flexibility like this Marvel character. Thankfully, most back injuries gotten during sex can be treated with ice packs, constant massaging, or painkillers.

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