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How To Glow Up Before The New Year (For Men And Women)

Glowing up is the act of altering your look for the better.  #glowup started as a trend on Instagram. People documented their change over a period of time. These changes are always somewhat dramatic.

To glow up, attention must be paid to the way you look, which to some people is vain though it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Paying attention to your look boosts your confidence and has the potential to generally make you feel good about life.

Glowing up might seem too daunting or tasking but it doesn’t have to be. Here are tips for glowing up before the New Year.

  1. Start Working Out:

Workouts, in addition to keeping you physically fit, make you mentally strong. The goal with working out is not just to lose weight or to look better in clothes, the goal is to feel better too. Dedicate at least 15 minutes every day to working out without distraction.

Drake’s glow up. Photo credit: Google

  1. Eat Right:

No matter how much you work out, if you don’t eat right, you might as well be wasting your time. Stay away from midnight snacking, junk and sugar – at least most of the time. The goal is to find a balance. Have more of vegetables and fruits in your plate and drink lots of water.

  1. Great Hairstyle:

Nothing shapes your face like a hairstyle. Take your time and go through several hairstyles. Ask your hairstylist to recommend a hairstyle for you.

  1. Great Style

Glowing up entails being braver with your personal style. Switch things up, go for that bold colour. You don’t get to have sweatpants Friday. Pay attention to what you wear.

A woman who glowed up. Photo credit: Google

  1. Flawless Skin

Nothing says a glow up than flawless skin. Of course flawless skin means moisturising, exfoliating, sleeping well and pampering yourself.

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