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5 Things To Do After Engagement

Are you newly engaged and looking for sessions on real wedding insights to help you plan your big day? Don’t worry honey; we got you covered! A successful engagement process says it’s time for the wedding plans to begin, and being a novice, you are probably feeling overwhelmed already and wondering where to start. Don’t worry your pretty looks out; we are here to get you started. Now here are some basic ideas to start with;

Engagement DOs and DON’Ts start almost the very moment you say yes. Now you want to be careful not to step on people’s toes, especially the people that matter. Pick up your phone and call your family members and friends to share the good news. Social media is a great way to share your excitement but make sure that the most important people in your life get the news first before the world hears about it; news fly you know. More-so, this isn’t done just for the records alone or for private sharing of happy moments together, but also so for family and friends who have vital roles to play start repairing.


A lot of things come to mind as to where to start your planning from. So you have told your family, friends and loved ones about your engagement, the next question people usually ask is, “so when is the wedding?” Definitely, everyone knows that after the big question comes a beautiful wedding, this decision should be made by you and your spouse. Fix a date that will be convenient for both families and friends. It could be messy to give people the impression that you haven’t even fixed a date yet.


Research goes hand in hand with budget. There is no better way to get started than to surf the net for interesting visual photos to guild you through. You can also look through wedding Magazines for inspiration. There are tons of images to help you narrow down your style. Each photo includes links to the vendors who helped create that wedding, so if you find works that you like, pick out the genius behind it for your big day. Now because you might need an experienced event professionals who can guide you through your planning process and help you stick to a realistic budget, you will really need to set enough time apart to do this. Call friends who have contacts or better ideas on wedding planning.


It is assumed that you have successfully done your research and you have an idea of what your wedding plans should look like. It’s time to get people that are ready to work with your budget, get the rough estimates straight from the horse’s mouth. Now negotiating with bakers and caterers for the best prices and finding the ideal vendors for everything can be vigorous. Figure out if those are tasks you want to tackle alone or if you’d rather hire a wedding planner (stress reduction and a little time-saving sound nice, doesn’t it?). Now keep in mind that a wedding coordinator will cost extra money, so make sure you include that on your estimate. It’s time he or she begins to help you draw realities from previous events done. Your dummy estimate includes putting together a guest list, the right venue, baker, caterer, stationaries, logistics, entertainment etc. Have your parents and friends provide you a list of their intended invitees for a smooth and successful planning.


This is the important aspect of it all “Shopping.”  Searching for the appropriate dress to make you the queen you are can take a lot of time, you should not allow anyone decide for you. Wear all the gowns shown to you, no one needs to tell you what suits, when you find the right one, you feel like you are on top of the world just putting it on and your instinct will definitely speak to you that “This is the one.” Make sure to order your dress six months to the wedding. You should have a colour you want your bridesmaids to be on, choose a style that looks amazing and complement their figures.


You have to start by meeting with vendors from the most important ones to the least. It’s ideal to meet up with vendors 2 to 3 months before your wedding. Display and describe the styles you desire, make them understand their various duties and responsibilities for the big day to be successful. It’s time to buy the wedding rings, shoes, and accessories. Remember that pictures are the only things that last beyond the wedding day; they will be around for generations to come. So do well to choose a perfect photographer to keep all your memories safe.

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