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New Year Resolutions: Drop The Old You Before The New Year

There is a mental intuition behind New Year resolutions, that for every first of January, you wake up a different person. But is that really true? Is there something different between waking up on other days versus waking up on New Year day?

To wake differently on January 1st is not just a windy suggestion you make to yourself. It is a concrete innate die-hard motivation which you affirm to yourself to start your goals on that day.

To mentally prepare yourself, follow these steps.

  1. Write Out Your Resolutions:

This might seem like an old hack but it really helps if you write down what you want to achieve and the period you want to achieve them. Do you want to get a job within the first three  months? write it down. Do you want to go to the gym more in the first month? write it down. It helps to explicitly list the things you want to achieve.

       2. Focus:

Review your list every week to constantly remind yourself that which you must do. This will help you avoid distractions when it comes to your goals.

3. Drop The Old You:

Psychology helps in pushing out the best in people. Mentally prepare yourself to drop old habits which do not benefit you. Affirm to yourself and mentally picture how you could be better. Once these are done, wake up with a different aura. An aura to be different and leave behind that which you no longer need.

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