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Nigeria At 58: Reliving Nigeria’s Independence Celebration In 1960

On this day, 58 years ago, Nigeria’s glory was at its peak. She had just been granted her independence from the British and would be governed by her own without any interference.

The founding fathers and heroes past labours were not going to be in vain and nationals who had lived for this moment danced on the streets in different countries:

Nigerians in London celebrate Independence in 1960

This day was going to change the course of Nigeria’s history and as Tafawa Balewa, Nigeria’s first and only prime minister said during his speech:

This is a wonderful day, and it is all the more wonderful because we have awaited it with increasing impatience, compelled to watch one country after another overtaking us on the road when we had so nearly reached our goal. But now we have acquired our rightful status, and I feel sure that history will show that the building of our nation proceeded at the wisest pace: it has been thorough, and Nigeria now stands well- built upon firm foundations.

Even the newspapers were not left out as the special edition’s headline screamed Nigeria Becomes A Sovereign Nation

1960 Newspaper special on Nigerian independence. Photo: Bookshy

It was indeed joyful that their struggle for two years had become a success story. It was only right that the clothes that nationals wore were adorned with the flags of freedom


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