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Rihanna Makes Forbes List Of Highest Paid Women In Music 2018

Forbes shared on their twitter page:

“Unlike most of the musicians on our list, Rihanna isn’t making her millions on tour. Instead, she’s cashing in on Fenty Beauty and Savage Lingerie—earning her the No. 7 spot on our highest-paid women in music list”.

The Forbes list for 2018 included:

1. Katy Perry N30,129,000,000($83 million)

2. Taylor Swift N29,040,000,000($80 million)

3. Beyoncé N21,780,000,000($60 million)

4. Pink N18,876,000,000($52 million)

5. Lady Gaga N18,150,000,000 ($50 million)

6. Jennifer Lopez N17,061,000,000 ($47 million)

7. Rihanna N13,612,500,000 ($37.5 million)

8. Helene Fischer N11,616,000,000 ($32 million)

9. Celine Dion N11,253,000,000 ($31 million)

10. Britney Spears N10,890,000,000 ($30 million)

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