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See Hilarious Twitter Reactions As Femi Fani-Kayode Calls Omisore His Former Cousin

A lot has happened in the political ‘realm’ in Nigeria. It seems to be an unending season of “slamming” and “throwing shades” but the newest development is calling a supposed family relative “former.”

A few weeks ago the first lady Aisha Buhari expressed her displeasure via Twitter over the way things were run in the ruling party, All Progressive Congress (APC)

The rerun of the Osun state election saw APC governor Mr Gboyega Oyetola maintain his seat winning a second tenure and the bitterness of the victory has far from ebbed from some people’s mouths.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) partially blames Iyiola Omisore for their defeat following his decision to pledge support for the ruling party, All Progressive Congress(APC).

Femi Fani-Kayode posted a statement on Twitter, “So my former cousin Iyiola Omisore did not get the Senatorial ticket for Ife East from the APC after the dirty job he did? The only thing he got from them was his passport. Someone just got served. It never pays to sell your soul to the devil. His infamy and treachery is legendary.”

Some people have expressed their thoughts on the statement via Twitter with hilarious joiners on how a relative can be termed a former relative.

Everyone knows you can “unfollow” someone on social media but is there such thing as “to uncousin” a cousin?

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