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Six Beards Grooming Tips You Need To Keep In Mind For The Coming Year

This year is slowly winding down and the new year usually comes with resolutions and plans. If you’re a man and you’re hoping to join the ‘beard gang’ in the coming year or you want to take your beard game to the next, here are some tips that might help get you on the right path.

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  • Be Patient

A truly magnificent beard comes as a product of self-control. If you’re just starting the beard journey, resist the urge to trim the beard for the first month and a half at least. This way your beard will grow into its own natural shape and length setting the foundation for your own personal style later on.

  • Trim ’em Up

A great beard is a well-trimmed beard, however, it’s important to know when and how to trim your beard. Every man has varying hair grown cycles and beards differ in texture and natural growth patterns. It’s important to find a technique that works best for the style of beard that you’re trying to grow. Finding the right trimming technique might be tasking but resources are available online to help with that. Also, if you have a great barber you might not have to worry about this so much.

  • Know Thy Face Shape

Growing a beard that fits you perfectly depends on the shape of your face. Many people have well-groomed beards that don’t look as great as they should because they do not match the faces wearing them. It’s a work in progress and with a great barber or hair stylist. you should have found your perfect shape in the first three months.

  • Oil, Balm and Repeat

For proper beard health, you need to equip yourself with oils and balms. There are a wide variety of oils and balms which have varying effects on your beard growth. It’s important to find the ones that work for you and stick to them. Also, it’s important to know the difference between the work of the oil and the balm. Beard oils are moisturizing and conditioning agents that help stimulate hair growth and treat the beards and the skin; Balms, on the other hand, are styling agents that help with the volume and shape of the beard while locking in the moisture from the oils.

  • Wash Regularly

This is particularly important for new groomers because at this stage skin cells are prone to itchiness. It’s important to wash regularly with specialized beard cleaners to keep them healthy.

  • Eat Right

Everything that happens to the body, whether positive or negative starts with diet and beards are not an exception. Beard growth is stimulated by proteins, fat and vitamins-particularly B3, B5 and B9. Foods like egg yolks, lean meat, nuts, milk and leafy green vegetables will go a long way in contributing to your overall beard health.


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