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Good Reasons To Clean Your Makeup Bag

Are you a busy lady? Hardly have time? Do you one let your chores lag before you actually do them? Well this article is for you. Makeup tools can accumulate dirt, oil, dead skin, bacteria and many more you wouldn’t imagine. So many reasons apply in the need to keep your makeup bag neat. Makeup bags, according to research should be cleaned on an average of two weeks intervals.

Photo Credit: Divine Caroline

Photo Credit: Divine Caroline

Here’s are some of the reason you should start cleaning your make-up back.

Acne: Bacteria or germs can be transferred to your face via sticky, dusty makeup brushes or kits generally. It can aggravate the skin condition known as acne. An open sore, pore or cracked on the skin is an easy way to start grooming for acne, inflammation or any other facial infection caused by bacteria. You’ll be trading the infection back and forth spreading flu or blemishes of all kinds.

Skin Irritation: Makeup coatings on your tools can dry out, causing them to become frail and coarse to your skin, this can roughen the texture of your soft skin if you had a smooth one before. It can also make you look older than your age or wear a dull look anytime you make up with them. Cleaning your brushes on a regular keeps them soft and supple. You should start washing them if you want a feel good and warmth effect whenever you use them.

Ruins Your Makeup: If your makeup brushes are dirty, the intended color of your makeup products will be hard to reflect on your face especially when blending and contouring for those dramatic effects for when you want to look wow. You want a lovely look, take care of your make-up kits.

Destroys Makeup Brushes: Your quality makeup brushes etc can become fragile, stiffen up or rust if you allow layers of leftover make-up products to stay long or decay on them. Constant maintenance can strengthen their life span, keeping them forever in good shape. Better still to use disposable brushes or cheaper ones which you can easily replace than waste your hard earn money irrationally.

Contamination: Liquid makeup gets older much faster than powder ones. Have a separate brush for each one to avoid contamination between them. Same applies to your lip gloss and mascara containers. Clean your lip gloss, tops and lipstick containers with a spirit or mild alcohol and make sure you don’t share your mascaras, lip/eye liners and brushes, with anyone cos that’s another way to get them contaminated.

I hope you have seen some needful reasons to take care of your make-up kits than ever. Ensure you put these tips to practice if you want to be addressed as a lady indeed.

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