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Rainy Season Essentials

The rainy season is back! We aren’t sure but from downpours to little drizzles, you want to be best prepared for any and every possible event. Here are some easy to get rainy season essentials everyone should have and possibly move around with.

Bold Colors: The skies are usually duller in the rainy season as the sun takes a much deserved rest and isn’t on a blast half as much, you sure do not want to look as dull as the weather. Brighten up your look with colorful clothing pieces and accessories.

Water Resistant Accessories: You need not worry about h bags, wrist watches etc. to be on time to every appointment, do not let the rain deprives you of looking stylish yet being prompt to meetings. Get a water resistant wrist watch and save yourself a lot.


Stylish Rain Shoes: You are on the move a lot of the time. There are crocs and jelly shoes (come in heels too) which are very efficient for the season.

jelly shoes Source www.gurl.com



Rain Coat: A rain coat gives you almost complete protection from the rain as it comes down mostly below your knees. A shower cap is probably a necessity and is the cheapest rainy season essential on the list.

see through raincoat Source Maxivive couture

Collapsible Umbrella: This is very handy for the light drizzles where you don’t need the rain coat. Most importantly, it fits into you hand bag.

Collapsible umbrella Source unbreakable umbrella


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