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Rules for A Great Style

Style is very personal. We have heard or read the saying; Fashion is what you buy, style is how you wear it. Over time, I have come to realize that there is a great sense of fulfillment when a super dope outfit is put together, but many times, achieving this can prove difficult.

I’m quite certain that by now, most of us would know that when it comes to our everyday outfits, to the largest of extents, these outfits have been worn in time[s] past. Thus, knowing this should help you define what you want to become your personal style.

The ‘Classic Man’ Jidenna is a man whose style has no rules, save the ones he creates and he would be our case study to a guide to create that style you have been yearning for.

Pick an Era                                                                                                                                          

His style can easily be related to the 60’ and 70’s where he actually draws inspiration. Each era has had its own unique style and it is up to you to look around and decide what style you want to go for.

Make it Your Own                                                                                                                           

Knowing fully well that he doesn’t want you looking at him like he traveled back in time because he has been inspired by retro fashion, Jidenna has gone the extra length by mixing vintage clothing with more contemporary pieces. For you, a 1970’s vintage tie can work wonders with your modern work suit.

The Essentials                                                                                                                                            

Look through Jidenna’s style and you would see a lot of the staples/basic essentials that worked in the era he’s chosen as an inspiration. He has also found synonymous looking clothes or accessories to fill in the gap and even adding a touch of Ankara for homage purposes I presume. These staples range from shirts, pants, shoes and accessories.

Note: The real key to a great sustainable style is to make it your own. Personal style can have limitless possibilities, it would help you to become more confident and revered as time progresses.

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