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The Rule Book Of A Stylish Lady

Every stylish woman you see out there; contrary to diverse opinions has daily routines that make them the chic and exceptional humans they are. If you don’t see them all messy and tacky doesn’t mean these times don’t come by; it does, but the difference is that they have found and mastered daily habits that make looking polished, confident and flawless a reality.

This however, is not about having all the bucks somewhere in the bank, or a total flawless wardrobe. Researchers found that there are no hard and fast rules to their lifestyles other than precision and orderliness.

Learn a thing or two as we examine some of these routines of a stylish lady that make a fashionista on top her game.

Super ladies are organised2


Super ladies are organised: Everything about having a proper wardrobe makes fashion easier. This ranges from hanging up your clothes properly after use or laundry to folding and putting away them away properly after use. Don’t throw your clothes all around the room in a tacky way to avoid this affecting both your speed in selecting outfits when you are ready to dress up and the quality of time and concentration you put into editing your looks before you head straight out. Want to be a super lady? Act like one!

Super ladies give themselves enough time to get ready in the morning


Super ladies give themselves enough time to get ready in the morning: While this is not ideal for many, this is one secret you must cultivate if you want to be on top of your game with fashion. Not all of us are gifted with styling skills, but at least you’ve got to start somewhere, and one way to achieve that is to make your alarm clock your best friend. This will help you wake up early enough so you can put all the time you need into your look and appearance before you hit the door. Do the right thing and you will get the right result!

They plan out their outfits ahead of time1


They plan their outfits ahead of time: It’s always safe to select your outfit a day ahead or at least a night before your actual outing day. This helps to ensure you don’t muddle up your looks and entire styling process before heading out. Give yourself adequate time to plan out your outfit every day.

They check the weather every morning before dressing up1


They check the weather every morning before dressing up: This often neglected fact gives us the surprise of our life when we head all out putting on those fancy or suede shoes on a thundering heavy downpour or layer upon layer outfits on a day that turns high temperature hot only to realize half way that we might just have made the wrong fashion selection for the day. To avoid this, download a Weather Alert app or be swift with your social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Wechat and all to keep you abreast of happenings you might just need. You can be wearing the greatest outfit ever, but if it’s not fit for the weather, then it’s not a good look on anyone.

They only wear clothes that fit properly: Body shapes differ. Trying to mimic Miss B might be the worst mistake you are making in your fashion choice. It might work on some days while on other days, you are just another novice out there. To constantly be up to date with your looks, determine what fits best for your kind of shape and personality and try to stay real to yourself. Again avoid squeezing into under sized outfits; e.g. pair of too-tight jeans, dresses or tops that you can’t breathe through, it’s never a good look on anybody. When you wear your right size and always have a tailor on speed dial to tweak your pieces for the perfect fit then the game of fashion is getting more like it.

high and low fashion brands

They mix high and low brands: A little bit of luxury goes a long way. You don’t need to wear head-to-toe designer to put together a good look. Know when to mix and match high and low brands. Invest in a few classy pieces and balance your trends out.

They select the right undergarments: Comfort is about fit before anything else. Underwear that pinches, pull out, ride up, and all generally make your life as unpleasant as possible.  Also as your underwear sags and loses its shape, dispose of it and replenish your supply. Well-fitting underwear will increase your comfort level and will keep your clothes on top of it fits. Visible pant lines will distract and bring reservations even on the most put-together outfits.


They have some signature uniforms for the rainy day: These ready to wear signature (personal style) outfits are kept as back up outfits on days you don’t have or haven’t figured out what to wear. Create some signature looks that you can always rely on. It could be your LBD (Little Black Dress), jeans and a blazer or a combination of white on anything etc, find a style and make it yours. It will come in handy on those days where you have nothing to wear.

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