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When to Let Go – Clothes Edition

Retail therapy is something we Nigerians can’t do without. We love shopping, looking good and most of all if possible, to hardly ever repeat an outfit. But one of the side effects of shopping all the time can lead to impulse purchases, which can make you buy clothes you don’t need, and at the end of the day, you are left with an over populated wardrobe. So, I am listing different kinds of people and reasons why it’s hard for them to let go of some clothes that aren’t relevant anymore.


A hoarder

This is when some unwanted clothes are stored in the closet just because there is enough space for it. Normally, the time span on most of the pieces date back to when you were in high school.


Attachments due to sentimental reasons

A lot of people fall into this category, they hold on to some pieces due to a special person who had bought or given it to them. Also, it depends on what the pieces represent in a certain time or phase in their lives or one of their favourite celebrity was caught wear it.


Space Insecurity

These set of people mostly just keep their closet filled up just to make themselves feel like they have a lot of clothes, and not deal with the reality of lack of clothing. They normally don’t wear 40 – 70% of what is in their closet.


“ONE DAY” belief

The reason why “one day” is written in capital letters, is because that day never really comes. This category are for those that buy clothes that are a little smaller than their size either by mistake or on purpose to encourage themselves to lose the weight so that they can fit into it. This process can go on for years until you tell yourself the truth. It is mostly never a successful goal.


Do any of these sound familiar to you? If so, here is some information to guide you.


Torn Clothes

There comes a time when your clothes will be worn out and have little torn patches. It could be caused by the test of time or rodents. When it gets to such a time, you have to let go.


Never Been Worn

If you have had an outfit in your closet that you haven’t worn for more than 2 years since the day you bought them, it’s time to let go. You are more likely to never wear it, so let it be a blessing to another who would have use for it.


Doesn’t Fit

When you grow out of your clothes due to your weight, or if you purchase a smaller size by mistake or on purpose to reach your size goal. It is highly recommended to let go if you don’t accomplish the goal dress size in a year.



We all know every trend recycles, they normally just come back with some twist, but some take decades before they can come back in style. Some of those pieces you keep in your closet because you think it’s coming back in style, and it hasn’t for over 3 years, you just have to let them go.



On a side note, when you want to let go of some pieces and they are still in good condition, you can give them to the less privileged or people you know that might want them or sell them online to make profit. But if they are in really bad condition, you can throw them away or use the materials to create something new.


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