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To Val Or Not To Val?

“Valentine is the season of love”. Nothing is as true and as cliché as this. The 14th of February of every year is preceded by chocolates, constant love messages, the colour red trend and high expectations. It is the season when “I’d go to heavens and hell and I’d die for you” is tested and proven.

Although Valentine is known worldwide as a season of love and more love, there are different perceptions attached to it and justifiably so.

For some women, it is the season where they pay more attention to their hair, nails and shop for new clothes hoping that he pops the question.

To most singles, it is a set reminder of the “something special” they are missing. It is the season when they start to question their singleness, their teddy bear companionship and rate their level of attractiveness which only drives them into a state of depression.

Valentine in some societies is referred to as “Men Extortion Day”. This is because the onus is mostly on the men to give while the female remains on the receiving end save for the new millennials who support the equality stand. In this capacity, giving is a win-win condition.

Slightly related to this is some women’s belief that this is the time to be “Oliver Twist” for the sake of flaunting their gifts to their friends or social media.

Valentine is also the season when some religious leaders go on aggressive evangelism to convince people not to “fornicate” and “educate” people on why they are “certain” the season is rooted in demonism.

More often than not, younglings take Valentine so serious that it determines the lifespan of the relationship.

Ironically, there are some who do not care about the season. These set of people argue that expressing your love to someone should not be defined by a single day or a period of time.

There are also some who see it as a money-making venture. It is not uncommon to see some who fall into this category put themselves up for hire.

What category do you fall under?

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