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Watch: 21-Year-Old Girl Found Emaciated In Ajah Finally Speaks


Ineka | @SEzekwesili

About a month ago, the social media space went agog with photos and videos of a young girl identified as Ineka who was found naked and emaciated in Ajah, Lagos State.

A narrative that she is a ‘runs girl’ and was used for money ritual purpose by internet fraudsters (yahoo boys) quickly spread like wildfire with some thoughtless Nigerians even going ahead to stone and make mockery of her.


But for the timely intervention of some Nigerians, it is feared that the crowd around her might have even lynched her due to their perceived thoughts of what led to her deplorable state.

In an update to the st0ry, a video has now been shared by Sandra Ezekwesili who was one of the many good Samaritans to take up the care of Ene.

Ene and Sandra Ezekwesili | @SEzekwesili

In the video, a recovered Ene can be seen thanking Nigerians for their support in her time of need. There is a notable improvement in her appearance as at the time of when she was found, she could not speak and barely had the energy to support herself.

Watch the video below:

On November 7, in a series of twets, Ezekwesili had also shared Ineka’s story as told by the victim herself. She wrote:

“So much has happened since @KeiraHewatch found and rescued Ineka (her real name) on the 16th of October,2019. Keira, @Franojonoma and @xeenarh have gone above and beyond to care for Ineka and have footed every single bill accrued at LUTH.

We have contacted her family but they are too poor to do anything and live in a village that was sacked by herders. Ineka is still very Ill and so needs close attention. All the women who have been involved with her care all work and so cannot take it on full time for at least the next 3months. Like I have said in previous tweets, Ene is from Benue state, moved to Lagos for work 3 years ago. She got really ill and didn’t get the care or attention she should’ve. She was not abducted, she was not not cursed by yahoo boys, there ARE no yahoo boys in her story whatsoever, she boarded the keke that took her to Ajah herself with money she was given by good samaritans she was squatting with while she was ill. They got tired of “caring” for her and asked her to go back home to her family in Benue. She was on her way via Ajah Bridge where she was supposed to board a bus. After her keke dropped her though, she was too ill to continue. She was feeling an insane amount of heat and so bought water to pour on herself to cool off. Afterwards, she spaced out and forgot why she was at Ajah.

She was severely malnourished and dehydrated. The doctors at LUTH have been brilliant. The care givers we hired at LUTH, also same. Now she’ll be discharged tomorrow but has nowhere to go and she still needs medical attention as an outpatient and she also needs a nurse. She doesn’t have a house and neither of us has the space or schedule that will allow for her to stay with us while she recuperates or this will not even get to twitter. We need a hospice facility that isn’t expensive. We planned to rent her a place and hire a nurse but we can’t afford it. Not if we want to keep feeding her and buying her essentials until she is well enough. Do you know of a professional hospice centre in Lagos? Is there a suggestion you have that we may not be seeing? PLEASE HELP US. WE ARE OUT OF IDEAS.

We bought her a phone and have had her speak with her family. They know she is being cared for and regret that they cannot do more. We have a feeling they also do not want to associate with her because of the viral videos and pictures people took while she was disoriented. Like I said, WE NEED HELP. I will answer any questions you may have that isn’t about her diagnosis as that is between her and her doctor. Thank you. “

In an update, Ezekwesili revealed that journalist, Kiki Mordi has offered a place for Ineka and an account needs to be opened for her so that well meaning donors can make donations to further provide assistance to her.

About an hour ago as at the time of this publication, Ezekwesili gave another update writing,

“Keira is taking her to her family in Abuja from where she will go to Benue. Remember i mentioned we got her a phone? Mama loves her selfies! She is a fierce fighter, Ene, and that’s why she has survived. We will keep in touch and keep you updated as needed. Thanks again.”

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