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Unhealthy Diet Plans People Practice

Best known as Fad Diets; A fad diet is a weight loss plan that promises weight loss within a short period of time. It is an eating plan that becomes popular quickly because it promises dramatic, unrealistic weight loss results. It bases its claims on testimonials from clients; or advice from faux weight loss, science or nutrition “experts who endorse the plan or product.

It preys on people’s willingness to “try anything” to lose weight. But, these diet plans do not result in long-term weight loss success. They instead, promote unhealthy eating habits in people leading to drastically restrictions in food choices and people who lose weight on these plans usually gain more weight and most end up with severe health issues down the lane.

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Let’s examine some of these unhealthy diets plans below;

Juice fasts: Juice cleanses and liquid-only “detox” diets, also known as the “Master Cleanse” is a popular health trend among Hollywood celebrities, who often see them as a quick fix for weight loss and a method of flushing “toxins”. Depending on the type of cleanse, they typically last from three days to three weeks. People doing the Master Cleanse drink six to twelve glasses daily of a mixture of lemon juice, liquefied fruits and vegetables or maple syrup and water, for ten days, then sip laxative tea at night. The challenge with this plan is that it doesn’t supply the necessary amount of protein needed to build healthy immune cells and regenerate muscle following a workout. Fruits and vegetables have only small amounts of protein and the juicing fruits and vegetables have most of the fiber removed.The low-calorie intake that comes with doing a Master Cleanse or other regimen could send the body into starvation mode and any pound shed during this plan is mostly water weight, and will likely be gained back once usual eating habits resumes. Common side effects are headaches, fatigue, difficulty thinking, moodiness, and stomach pain and hunger pangs.

5 Bite Diet: The 5 Bite Diet was developed by Dr. Alwyn Lewis. The doctor devised a diet plan originating from the 5 bites per meal. The challenge recorded on this diet plan makes you throw your vitamin and minerals out of balance causing you to temporarily screw with your metabolism. This diet is short term, and once you’ve reached your “goal weight,” and resumeusual routine you will gain the lost weight.

Day Diet: The possible advantage to this plan is that you’ll be eating so few calories on the Three-Day Military diet that you’ll most likely lose weight, however, most of the pounds shed will be from lost water and this weight will return after you resume your regular eating habits. Many dieters may be attracted to the plan’s simplicity, because all of the meals are inexpensive and easy to prepare. The disadvantage of this plan is that it does not provide the minimum 1,200 daily calories recommended for women and the 1,800 advised for men. Also, it can lead to fluctuation of weight and that weakens your organs, immune system and increase your risk of gallstones or heart problems.

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The Air Diet: The diet was apparently made popular by a Dolce &Gabbana campaign which featured Madonna and other celebrities holding food up to their mouths, but not eating it. It’s been referred to as “Air Fooding.” The rule says: eat nothing, except for the water and salt soup! You would go through all of the motions of eating, placing food on your plate, cutting it, putting it on your fork or spoon, holding it up to your lips, but not eat it. In other words pretend to eat it. This is probably the most unrealistic diet ever!

Cabbage Soup Diet:  It is based on the claimthat cabbages have special fat-burning abilities. There are different versions of this diet but the traditional cabbage soup diet allows you to eat as much cabbage as you want. Basing on a 7-day diet, thelow-fat, high-fiber, low-calorie diet is very restrictive. The primary foods allowed throughout the diet include large quantities of cabbage, vegetables, fruit, and beef, but not all of these together. The diet is only effective for weight loss during the first week. Instead of losing fat and water, you lose precious muscle tissue. Due to the restricted amount of calories, you may feel low energy levels throughout the diet plus the diet lacks the vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy body preservation.

Other plans asides from the above includes; 17 Day Diet, Acai Berry Diet, Apple Cider Vinegar Diet, Atkins Diet, Baby Food Diet, Beverly Hills Diet, Blood Type Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, Cotton Ball Diet, Detox Diet, Grapefruit Diet, HCG Diet, Hollywood Diet, Liquid Diet, Low-Carb Diet, Low-Fat Diet, Negative Calorie Diet, Paloe Diet, Sacred Heart Diet, Sleeping Beauty Diet, South Beach Diet, Tapeworm Diet, Zone Diet etc.

Whatever you do for weight loss, please note that the recommended “Diet” for a balanced health according to “World Health Organisation” (WHO), entails a balanced diet that supplies you with approximately 1,200 calories per day, this might start with a breakfast of 1/2 cup of high-fiber, low-sugar cereal; low- or nonfat milk; whole-wheat toast; and juice, followed by a lunch of lean roast beef, lettuce and tomatoes on whole-grain bread and a piece of whole fresh fruit. Dinner might be salmon, a baked potato, a variety of cooked vegetables and a whole-wheat roll. Air-popped popcorn could serve as a snack if you get hungry during the day. When you eat healthy, that is a balanced diet together with a regular exercise, you wouldn’t rigorous unfruitful Diet plans to look good!

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