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Guardian Life Cover Star Laolu Senbanjo Teams Up With Belvedere Vodka For Limited Edition Bottle

Nigerian visual artist and one time Guardian Life cover star Laolu Senbanjo has collaborated with Belvedere Vodka for a one-of-a-kind limited edition bottle.

Laolu Senbanjo, Guardian Life cover. Photo by Niyi Okeowo for Guardian Life


Speaking on the collaboration, the artist says:

“As an artist, I get to share my soul with people around me, my environment and the world and I’m able to channel my experiences like my journey as a human rights attorney and as a Nigerian.

“The Belvedere bottle design came from that inspiration as well as doing a lot of research about what Belvedere is at its core, like the rye and the pristine water.

Laolu Senbanjo next to the Belvedere Vodka 2018 Limited Edition Bottle. Photo: Belvedere Vodka

“The bottle is an amazing blend of my art and bringing to life what Belvedere stands for – and I get to be a part of giving back to society, which means a lot to me.”

The limited edition bottle will be revealed at an event planned for Spring/Summer 2019 New York Fashion week, which begins today. It will also available in stores across the globe from this month.

The bottle will support the global fund to help eliminate HIV/AIDS in Africa.

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