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#TrendingToday: When Your Mum Is Nigerian

If you do not relate to these tweets or the pictures, then you should ask your mum if you are adopted or if you had amnesia of some sort.

So trending today we have #YouKnowYourMumIsNigerian and people have set Twitter ablaze talking about all the situations you might find yourself in to know that your Mum is Nigerian.

So many of the 90’s children can relate to feeling confused when you have a discussion with your mum or you come out with a bruise of some form.


Regardless we love our mum’s and wouldn’t trade you for any other. Nigerian mums are the forerunners of sarcasm and they are very strong women who would do anything for their little ones.


So have fun and signify which situation happened to you,if all of them, then your mother had it in for you.


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