Akande blames moral decay on take-over of mission schools

Bisi Akande

Bisi Akande

A former Governor of Osun State, Chief Bisi Akande, said the take-over of mission schools by the military government in 1975 was a deliberate attempt by the then military oligarchy to remove morality from the nation’s education sector.

He stated this yesterday during the commissioning of a school building in his honour by the Diocese of Osun North East, Anglican Communion, Otan-Aiyegbaju, Osun State.

Akande, who described missionary schools as institutions for moral instructions, said the wrong military policy had done a deadly blow to education and erosion of moral value from the lives of the Nigerian children.

He affirmed that the major reason while the military took over schools from missionaries was to lay the foundation for their “stupendous immorality and corruption”, adding that men and women with moral credentials who were old products of the mission schools were also retired from public life.

His words: “Whether in Islamic Madaris or in any evangelical learning centres, all missionary schools known to Nigerians were institutions for moral instructions. Therefore, to take over schools from the missionaries is equivalent to an attempt to expunge morality from the lives of the Nigerian children.

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  • Efeturi Ojakaminor

    Well spoken, Sir. It is the truth and the result is before the eyes of everyone.

  • emmanuel anizoba

    No Sir! Morality that is based on the Missionary’s metaphysical world is bound to decay. All enduring systems of morality are based on the facts of the physical world in which we live, move, and have our being. This writeup is sheer sophistry and a bogus attempt to smuggle clericalism back into our system of education and Instruction.