Asaba-Onitsha highway rehabilitation excites road users

Road construction

Road construction

Motorists plying the Asaba-Onitsha expressway yesterday commended the Federal Government, the state government and private individuals who have contributed to the ongoing rehabilitation of the failed Okwe Junction, Asaba, portion of the road.

One of those who spoke to The Guardian, Mr.Jasper Onwuka, a passenger in one of the buses from Lagos heading to Onitsha, said: “The rehabilitation of the failed portion of this popular road is heartwarming and a thing of joy to all.

The traffic gridlock before the rehabilitation was really agonizing as it made travelling to the eastern part of the country, a nightmare.”

Also, an Asaba based transporter, Mr. Emeka Titus said the rehabilitation has made their business less frustrating and more rewarding.

“Before now, we spent hours on the road just because of the failed portion, but we are happy that it has been worked on.

But my advise is that we develop a maintenance culture and not wait till the whole thing gets worse.

It would even be cheaper if attention is paid when the road failure is just beginning with mere potholes rather than when large stretches have collapsed and pose serious problem to motorists.”

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  • vincentumenyiora

    Good, and I can understand the reasons – everybody knows it about Nigeria but the important thing is to ensure that the construction materials and the workmanship are correct to the right specifications for the kind of weather conditions in Nigeria! Looking at the photo only without me being present to inspect the work, I can see that the road has no ‘cambered’ top and that is part bane of your constructions in Nigeria about highways! If you don’t do this it becomes a matter of time and the weight of the traffic all will collapse again and that is the problem in Nigeria – i. e., Who knows what is to be done about your problems to save you costs and lives – building for POSTERITY and not here today and all damaged tomorrow!

    Somebody reading this comment should post one and tell if I am telling the truth – i. e. if they know what I AM TALKING ABOUT road constructions!