Buhari cancels planned visit to Niger Delta

President Muhammadu Buhari may have cancelled a planned visit to the Niger Delta to mark the formal launching of the Ogoniland clean up.

Buhari had already cancelled a visit to Lagos State last month when his spokesman cited “scheduling” difficulties.

He is expected to be represented on the trip by Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo who stood in for him when he cancelled his visit to Lagos.

No reason was given for the sudden change in plan but it comes in the wake of an upsurge in militant attacks on key oil infrastructure in the creeks and swamps of the oil-producing south.

Buhari also pulled out recently of a planned trip to Lagos, which would have been his first trip as president to Nigeria’s financial and business hub. Scheduling problems were blamed.

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  • Namon Golden

    Hahaha, if it were overseas trips, him for go,who are der deceiving…

  • kalu9909

    Buhari is a misfit

  • emmanuel kalu

    Niger delta is not oversea trip so no need for him to go. And they are wondering why all the avengers blowing up things, because we have a president that doesn’t seem to care about the region. in a crisis like Nigeria is having, this president should be traveling to every state and encouraging people. what is he doing that he cant go.

  • bootypoppin

    Whether na VP or PMB’s left toe that went to Ogoni land…the point is he finally kept his promise to initiate the clean up. Successive governments haven’t done so even GEJ who is also from SS. People should focus a the main point and stop being petty with hole picking on everything or any effort being made

  • Zara

    Looks like i’m winning that bet afterall. I said to a friend “Buhari will not go to Lagos or the south/south”. This man prove me wrong for once now.

  • Musa Muhammed

    Oga Buhari, why are you afraid of going to Niger Delta? You should have try to step your foot in that land, let see if the land you have killed innocent people will not swallow you.
    Wicked man! You will never have peace.
    Ewu hausa!

  • Gene Philips

    Worse case scenario: GMB inventually went and NDAs acted on their threat by coming out of the creeks and engaging the nigerian security forces and the president is hurriedly whisked away, back to abuja; Do u people think that that will be the end of the encounter? No! Niger Delta will have to pay heavyly and dearly. Who suffers? The same ordinary people that have been suffering for so long.Leadership is also about weighing all the options.The president has demonstrated wisdom as an elderly father would towards his erring children. If he was younger we would have dared those daredevils in the creeks. Mind u this is a former major general- A soja.Once a soja always a soja.He doesn’t fight wars he directs wars. So don’t be quick to say the obvious, engage your minds in deep relfections and eventually a better nigeria will emerge.

  • Blunt Arrow

    What do you expect after all allowances for local visitations are not paid in hard currency.