Buhari disowns #IStandWithBuhari group

President Muhammadu Buhari speaking at an event at the Presidential Villa, Abuja. PHOTO: Philip Ojisua

President Muhammadu Buhari speaking at an event at the Presidential Villa, Abuja. PHOTO: Philip Ojisua

President Muhammadu Buhari has dissociated himself from the activities of a pro-government advocacy group, #IStandWithBuhari.

In a statement signed by a presidential spokesman on Friday, Garba Shehu, the presidency said it has no connection with the group and called on it to stop “claiming any alliance with the Buhari Administration.”

“The Presidency also demands that the persons behind the controversial #Istandwithbuhari group should stop using President Muhammadu Buhari’s name and that of his wife, Mrs. Aisha Muhammadu Buhari to promote themselves and their activities,” the Shehu said.

#Istandwithbuhari, however, in a message posted on its website said its activities were aimed at “ensuring economic growth, security, improvement in public health, citizens enlightenment and education, social justice with a corresponding increase in the quality of life of the nation.”

“As a non-governmental agency that serves the greater interest of the Nigerian public and other relevant agencies of government and private concern, we placed so much importance on our service profile and staff quality.”

Shehu said it was imperative for the Presidency to distance itself from the group because “its premature and ostentatious celebration of the present administration’s achievements is totally inconsistent with President Buhari’s philosophy of service with humility.”

“While the present administration has indeed recorded significant successes in its priority areas of improving security across the nation, ending the Boko Haram insurgency, curbing official corruption and revamping Nigeria’s economy, President Buhari is well aware that his government still has a lot of national challenges to overcome.

He said the President prefers to give his fullest attention to addressing those challenges without the unsolicited and unwelcome distraction of “praise-singing from groups with dubious and questionable motives.”

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  • ubong

    Thanks. we have not forgotten similiar groups =Association for Better Nigeria (ABN) during IBB days, Abacha for President (Abacha days) and most recently GEJ dubious group. President Buhari do not need any dubious and corrupt group for sane nigerians to support him in his war against official corruption and corruption among nigerians. If he decides to serve the nation again, he deserves it if he performs well, particularly in improvement to nigerians lives and infrastructures in addition to fighting corruption holistically acrosss parties.He should not be distracted by some dubious groups that see irreleveant notice.

    • Joseph Iguade

      For how long shall we continue to deceive one another and abet scrupulous decisions

  • Austin_77478

    This group was caught in its tracks; they wanted to enter the corridor of power through the back door. There’s a new Sheriff in town.

  • Edim Asekong

    Youths Earnestly Ask for, Buhari. Here we go again

  • Jacky

    President Buhari doesn’t need an arm of TAN (Transformation Ambassadors Of Nigeria) to tell us what he has achieved or will achieve. Nigerians have eyes to see and ears to hear!

  • Daniel

    Na so.. lols! Do you people think you can deceive every Nigerians with all this lies, as far as am concern Buhari is fully aware and committed in the group #Istandwithbuhari# and funding it from Nigerians money, so let him go and sit down. Rubbish!