Cattle breeders seek truce between Fulani, other ethnic groups



Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, has called for reconciliatory meeting between the Fulani, Jukun and Tiv to ensure peaceful co-existence in Taraba.

The National President of the association, Alhaji Mohammadu Zuru, made the call on Saturday in Jalingo at the swearing-in of the state and zonal executives of the association.

He said that dialogue was critical in resolving the perennial crises between the three ethnic groups in the state.

“The only short-term solution to these incessant crises is an extended dialogue between all the ethnic groups concerned. The truth is that there is no crisis between the Fulani, Jukun and Tiv; but there is crisis between the criminal elements in all these ethnic groups.

“Our position is that when all of us are engaged in dialogue under the supervision of the state government, the crises will end,” he said.

Zuru appealed to government at all levels to demarcate cattle routes and grazing reserves across the country to forestall the incessant conflict between farmers and cattle breeders.

“A grazer who lives in the bush hardly benefits from infrastructure which is mostly found in urban centres. We are appealing to government at all levels to provide cattle routes and grazing reserves to herdsmen as compensation for their inability to access to infrastructure and social amenities,” he said.

Earlier, the Chief of Old Muri, Alhaji Abdullahi Ciroma, had expressed concern over the drought in his domain resulting in the death of some cows.

He appealed to the state government to construct a dam in the area to provide water for animal husbandry and irrigation.

In his remark, the state governor, Darius Ishaku, urged the association to counsel its members on the need to embrace peace being a necessary requirement for rapid socio-economic development.

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  • Sunday

    Why is iit that government allow Fulani herdsmen to carry weapons including AK 47

    • jallo

      I don’t support anyone carrying gun if he not a security agent. Government should do something about it. It started when they were helpless some years back when their cattles were stolen in Sokoto, Zamfara, Kaduna, Kano, Plateau, Taraba, Benue, Niger and Nassarawa. Now that government is on top of this security challenge in terms of cattle theft, Fulanis need to be disarmed. GEJ did not do anything, because the security agents did not advice him to do so and one good turn deserves another. In appreciation to that, they donated N25 m for him to purchase PDP nomination form in 2015.

  • aiyekotto

    ‘Earlier, the Chief of Old Muri, Alhaji Abdullahi Ciroma, had expressed concern over the drought in his domain resulting in the death of some cows’…From California to India, Ethipia to SouthAfrica, the recurrence of drought has seen an unprecedented upsurge. When we have indiscriminately consumed everything earth produced, earth will begin to consume us indiscriminately. CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL! God bless the dead!

  • evidence

    Dialogue with bloodthirsty fulani marauders‎ at your peril. The only language they understand is violence. All farmers should go get their own AK 47 to protect themselves, since fulanis are now above the law since the coming of their terrorist leader, Buhari.  

  • Pius Odiaka

    All Nigerians should thank and support the call made by Alhaji Mohammadu Zuru and his Association for peace in the country. But we must recognise the truth to achieve any meaningful peace: The herdsmen cause much trouble in almost all the parts of the country. They allegedly rape women and aid kidnap. They are armed with military assault guns as the photograph above may prove. They invade farmlands with brazen impunity while their cattle graze on crops. For these acts, they are hated anywhere they go in the country. There has to be a working federal legislation on grazing in the country as it is in most countries. Every farmer has a right. No one must be allowed to destroy others’ businesses while doing his or her own.
    People in some parts of the country now devise means of poisoning the cows since the government refuses to stop the Fulani herdsmen impunity. This is a worse situation. It may continue if sincere and fair solution is not devised.
    Everyone within and outside the government should be sincere on this issue if peace with the herdsmen may be achieved.