Engage me and crumble, Fayose dares govt



EKITI State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has warned the Federal Government against alleged moves to remove him from office, saying such an attempt may truncate Nigeria’s democracy.

The governor who spoke on Monday while inaugurating newly-elected local council chairmen at the in Ado Ekiti said : “The very day that Federal Government attempts to engage me by any standard, that government will begin to crumble. My people wanted me as governor and I am back. I’m the most senior governor in Nigeria. When people wanted to fight God they forgot that Moses was an instrument in the hand of God. Let Fayose be; let Fayose be. As many as won’t let Fayose be will perish in the Red Sea” he said.

Fayose said it was obvious that President Muhammadu Buhari had “no clue to solving the economic crisis facing the country and that is why I suggested that Prof Yemi Osinbajo should take over”.

Saying he would always be vocal on national issues, Fayose said: “I am not a governor that will go and cringe because I don’t want anybody to pick on me for saying the truth. That will not happen. Let President Buhari make his anti-corruption war total. Let him be bold enough to probe the Halliburton scandal and the $2 billion oil windfall.

President Goodluck Jonathan left with the dollar a little less than N200 but it is now N300 to a dollar. When Buhari collected two jeeps and $300,000 he did not ask where the money came from. Nigeria cannot be a one party state. They say Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) stole this and that, is the All Progressives Congress(APC) a saint from Jerusalem? Buhari must stop selective anti-graft war,” he said.

Fayose, who urged the 16 newly-elected council chairmen to take the issue of internally-generated revenue serious also emphasised on the need to strive to augment statutory allocations.
The governor also said in line with the policy of empowering people at local level, each councilor and chairman would use N20,000 out of their monthly salaries to empower two persons in their wards.

To ensure good relationship between the chairmen and their councillors, the governor said an advisory council would be set up under the leadership of Senator C.K. Awoyelu to resolve any dispute that might arise.
He described as a landmark achievement, the successful local council elections.

After seven years, Ekiti has democratised local councils. That is the hallmark of the PDP.
“Our election was not inconclusive, we did not bring the person who did not contest to reap where he did not sow. We did not kill our candidate. The APC boycotted the election because they did not want to suffer 16-0 and 177-0 again. They boycotted because they did not want to suffer loss again,” he said.

Speaking on behalf of her colleagues, the Chairman of Gbonyin Local Government, Mrs Folashade Akinrinmola, thanked the governor, party leaders and people of the state for the opportunity given them to serve.

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  • joahmed biu

    God bless you. Let them go ahead and remove you. You are the man after our hearts. We love you and FFK

  • amador kester

    For any govt to unneccessarily open up several fronts simultaneously fighting biafra,fighting boko,fighting fayose in a highly limited resource economy is like a naive general myopically opening up many fronts simultaneously and risks the cut off of over extended flanks and being completely sorrounded eventually by three rings of encirclement…

  • Ralf

    This man Fayose is a true democrat…Yorubas must b like this man..Follow follow attitudes towards hsa flni is nt d best…Illiterate bigot Buhari is a brutal dictator n he will fail soon…

    • Tope

      I disagree with you. Fayose is not a democrat. Try and watch the presentation of Ekiti State budget at the house of assembly. You would see how, after presenting the budget, he also acted as the speaker of the house of assembly. He apparently has control of the assembly. That is why the assembly did not debate the budget and just a week after the presentation, he has signed the budget into law. That is one of the hallmarks of dictatorship.

      • Ralf

        Who has challenged d illiterate dictator Buhari ever since past 7 months?..Only Fayose,.?. Buhari n his autocratic govt must fall ..Theyve killed defenseless pple, things Nigerians hv not experienced since d days of Obj , who committed same in Odi n Zaki Biam massacre…He is so afraid of Nnamdi Kanu too..Why did his govt n DSS still keep him in detention after two courts,not one cleared him of any wrong doing..They now cooked up treasonable felony lies against him,bt u n i knows tht d Buhari govt n DSS will fail…Fayose n Nnamdi Kanu are d heroes of today…No doubt. ..Nigeria got autocracy now, not democracy. .U all will b ready..

  • Chain Jee

    east west north or south, no other politician has the courage and boldness of Fayose
    while his greedy cheapstakes kinsmen will sing praises to buhari just to secure their stomach, this one does not fear buhari
    buhari is nothing but an archaic cattle herdsman who is being giving the honour he does not deserve by punch and sahara reporters