Former Senator hails Buhari for maintaining his stand on “No Naira devaluation”


Sen. Alkali Jajere on Monday commended President Muhammadu Buhari for standing firmly against the devaluation of the Naira in spite of pressure from certain quarters urging him to reconsider his decision.

Jajere, who represented Yobe South Senatorial District from 2011 to 2015 on the platform of All Progressives Congress (APC), made the commendation in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Damaturu.

“Devaluing the currency of an importing economy will spell doom for the country.

’Therefore, President Buhari’s firm stand was in the best interest of Nigeria’s economy.

“This is a country that lives on imported items, from food stuff to clothings and almost everything, including matches and toothpick.

“Devaluing the naira will only benefit the exporting countries, which will dump their products in Nigeria and Nigerian consumers will pay exorbitantly.

The stand of Mr President on the matter demonstrates the strong will of a committed leader with passion for national development,” he said.

Jajere said that the unfolding events in the nation’s economy had provided opportunities for growth in local content, with growing opportunities for production and job creation.

“There are opportunities in the economy waiting to be exploited to promote local production, create employment and wealth in spite of the challenges facing the economy.

“As a country aspiring to develop, we must promote local production,” he stressed.

The former legislator, therefore, appealed to Nigerians to give government some chance in its bid to turn around, the nation’s economy, for good.

“It is very easy to destroy but it takes some time to rebuild anything destroyed; we are lucky to have a leader with the passion for national growth and development”.

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1 Comment
  • madu zirimike

    Mr Retired Senator Open Your Ears To Hear That Your Valueless NAIRA had already been DEVALUED by The apc government that could not even write their own budget, how much more managing the economy. A government that can not keep their promises. Nigeria is growing and developing backwards (retrogressing)
    No light, no water, no road etc. We are changing from fair to failure.
    Cost of living is sky-rocketing on daily basis while nigeria is gradually loosing their place in the international community
    Mr retired Senator, if you are looking for work kindly send your CV to Aso rock and stop this empty praise.