Fresh hurdle as Buhari gets highlights of 2016 budget

President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari

• Why he may delay assent • Think outside the box to tackle economic crises, Anyaoku tells president

Though President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday received the transmission of the Appropriation Bill (2016 Budget) which was recently passed by the National Assembly, there are indications he might not be in a hurry to assent to it because the document does not contain details of the breakdown.

The two chambers of the National Assembly passed the budget last week after about three months. While the Senate passed its version on Wednesday last week, the House of Representatives passed its own version a day after on Thursday.

But it was not clear yesterday when the conference committees of both chambers saddled with the responsibility of reconciling the two versions of the bill had met on the budget.

Meanwhile, former Secretary General of the Commonwealth of Nations, Chief Emeka Anyaoku, yesterday asked President Muhammadu Buhari to constitute a strong team of experienced economic experts and analysts who will take the country out of its crises.

Anyaoku gave this advice in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital while chairing the launch of a book: Audacity on the Bound: A Diplomatic Odyssey.

The book, written by Mr. Olusola Sanu, a former Nigerian Ambassador to Ethiopia in commemoration of his 86th birthday anniversary, was reviewed by another Ambassador, Chief Oladapo

Signals from the Presidency yesterday indicated that the signing of the budget into law by Buhari might suffer some delays following what the source described as ambiguity in the way the document was handled by the lawmakers.

The delay may also be compounded by the fact that the President is expected to be out of the country for the United States , for about a week, where he is expected to join other world leaders in a nuclear summit

However, the source noted that though the president is very anxious to sign the bill into law, the National Assembly only sent in the highlights without the details of the budget.

“As a result, the president has been handicapped in signing the bill because he does not know what is contained in the dletails and what adjustments the National Assembly must have made to the proposal sent to them.
“Although he is anxious to sign the document so that implementation could start immediately and ease the tension in the economy and polity, he is afraid he may later discover, when the details are sent, that what is contained therein is not implementable.
“He wishes the National Assembly could send in the details speedily so that it could be considered for assent.’’

Ministers, also eager that the budget be signed so they could start implementing their programmes, are unable to push the President to sign what has been transmitted because they also do not know what is contained in the details.
“They are particularly worried that the year is gradually aging and the provision of the law in respect of spending the previous year’s budget is not helping matters because of the low capital provision for 2015.
“Because of the low provision made last year for capital expenditure, spending 50% of that provision for the first half of this year will make no impact on provision of infrastructure.”

The source noted that the Budget Office could not work on the budget for implementation because it is the details, and not the highlights, that they convert into implementable templates for the respective ministries, departments and agencies, (MDAs).

As the source noted: “This latest development confirms speculations that the National Assembly either did not complete work on the budget or are playing politics with the documents which affects the life of both the country and its citizens.’’

There are signals that the suspicious relationship between the two arms of government over the 2016 budget appears far from being over.

Indeed, the Presidency source noted that the National Assembly might just have passed the bill with a view to passing the buck to the executive and escape the wrath of the public which was gradually suspecting it of sabotage.

Anyaoku said the best way to take the country out of its economic quagmire characterised by high inflation, high cost of living, fuel scarcity, dwindling oil revenue and shortage of power supply is to think outside the box and immediately constitute an economic team on whether the naira should be further devalued or not.

He said: “ I will like to use this opportunity to restate my view that President Muhammadu Buhari should stick to his devaluation agenda and constitute a team of experts to best tackle the economic crises, including whether naira will be devalued or not.’’

Anyaoku said various problems identified in the past by the author, Sanu, had vindicated his call for the restructuring of the Nigerian presidential system of government, where a chairman of a local council has an array of advisers and assistants.

The frontline diplomat described Sanu as a rare gem who has been showing a high level of intellectual prowess since they met 53 years ago in New York, saying the book is a great ‘ ‘material for the present generation.’’

While proffering solutions to global challenges such as
terrorism, insurgency, insecurity and financial crises confronting most countries of the world, Anyaoku challenged former diplomats to as a matter of concern, put their own experiences and ideas in memoirs for young generations to learn from.

The special guest of honour and former Military Head of State, Gen. Yakubu Gowon (rtd), remarked that Sanu’s contributions and
innovations led to the establishment and creation of many organisations which contributed to the integration of African nations in the past.

Reviewing the 500-page, 21-chapter book written within a year, Amb. Oladapo Fafowora described it as a well-articulated material that highlighted the 86 years of Sanu’s experiences, life and times.

Ambassador Sanu, who was born on March 24 1930 is currently the Chairman of Ibadan Elders Forum. He expressed gratitude to God and those who have supported him as he described his feat as the first indigene of Ibadan to be appointed as ambassador as a rare opportunity.

Those present at the launch include the Olubadan of Ibadan, Oba Saliu Adetunji Ajeogunguniso 1 along with other Ibadan High Chiefs, the Alake of Egbaland, Oba Adedotun Gbadebo, Oba Olufemi Olutoye,
Alani of Ido-Ani, Chief Philip Asiodu, Emeritus Professor Olu Akinkugbe and Alhaji Ahmed Joda.

Others include former Governor of the Old Oyo State, Dr. Victor Olunloyo, Chief Femi Okunnu, Gen. Oluwole Rotimi, Chief Adebayo Akande and his wife, Nike and Chief Adebayo Oyero.

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  • Osanebi Osakuni

    That man Buhari is a stack illiterate that can’t even help himself. Only yesterday, the leading American presidential candidate made mess of him for the second time by referring to him as a president that is gallivanting all over the world while the citizens of his country are suffering at home. The Daura soldier is the biggest mistake of our time. Sad!

    • babatunde Odunlami

      I dey laugh o! Do u actually believe that crap? Do u believe Trump said that? That was just a meme someone cooked up bro…..This is info age, anybody can get a software and edit and make up anything and put it online or social media..It’s good to probe deeper and make checks before “believing” what is on social media or online these days…. Do your findings and you will discover it is FALSE.

      • Osanebi Osakuni

        That will be Trump’s second comment about Buhari. The first was about his his nonchalance to killings of Fulani herdsmen. You may never be comfortable with the truth but it won’t change

        • babatunde Odunlami

          Yes O! I’m not COMFORTABLE with YOUR VERSION OF THE TRUTH. It seems your dislike for the man will make you believe anything (whether true or false) as long as it slights the man. If u follow the US presidential run properly you will know that this statement you so much believe in is FALSE. I’m not defending or holding up for Buhari. He is the President and the job come with criticism from the people he leads. But you are being misled if u believe that Trump made that statement. He didn’t. IT IS FALSE! TRASH IT!

          • Izonebi

            do not mind this one, Trump is too self-conceited and arrogant to even bother about Buhari at the moment.

          • Izonebi

            I realise that hatred blurs the vision and hampers our reasoning ability. Some people just pick on any thrash they see on social media and run with it as if it is the truth.

    • Isaac Olumuyiwa Olarewaju

      Shame that you could refer to Buhari as an illiterate when you managed to reveal yourself as being a worse one. Criticize, yes. Disparage, no. You have a right as a Nigerian to task those in positions of authority, but refrain from tainting your criticism with blind hatred and ill-disguised bile.

      • Osanebi Osakuni

        The word illiteracy about Buhari isn’t my creation but what he has manifested severally. The German leader is neither a president nor being that of West Germany. Buhari went to an international summit and sat behind Republic of Niger flag because of the semblance of 5 letters. To mention only two. You can be uncomfortable but lean to live with the reality

        • OdeyPeter Odo

          Bring up that picture and look at it closely… you will discover that Buhari did not sit on the seat reserved for Niger. Just look at the pic more closely. If he did, where did the president of Niger sit?

          • Osanebi Osakuni

            Keep defending the impossible. Was the Nigerian green and white flag anywhere close to Buharion picture? Was it omitted? No!. It actually happened, the sit reserved for Nigeria wasn’t close hence it was outside the view of the camera. Buhari didn’t stay put but got out immediately he was politely attended to. Embarrassing!

          • OdeyPeter Odo

            Just bring up the picture and let’s clear the doubt!!!

          • Osanebi Osakuni

            I don’t have a means to show the picture. I doubted it until the picture was availed to me. Doubts don’t change facts. Truth is a constant

        • Isaac Olumuyiwa Olarewaju

          I tried to be as subtle as possible in my earlier reply to your initial comment but you failed to get my drift. I’m not so sure you’ve never made a mistake in your life. I could decide to be as picky as you and point you to your misspelling of ‘stark’, but I’m not that petty-minded. I’m not sure Nigerians reckon they voted in Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton as President. I’m not knocking you for your criticisms, I have criticized Buhari many times as well. I’d defend, to the max, your right to criticize. What is both inexcusable and indefensible is resorting to name-calling borne out of hatred and personal distaste for his ethnicity. He will never be perfect and neither will any of us. It may take time, but most of us will come to appreciate that he is doing his best in the circumstances. Above all, we’re glad that those who brought ruin to our country are being smoked out and the extent of their ruinous exploits being laid bare.

          • Rexmond

            Isaac, I agree with you that we should be civil in our discuss, and show some respect towards our president. But in all honesty, what is our president doing in a nuclear submit that hardly concerns our country? especially at the time of several national crisis. At best, he could have sent the vice president or some minister. For sure, our president has been making one poor decision after another. I’m sure what to call him at this point thought.

          • Osanebi Osakuni

            Hahahaha. Nobody’s name or ethnicity suit evil callings. We were dubbed oil thieves even in the face of extreme magnanimity of feeding Nigeria. Dumb, clueless just name it was a common vocabulary. Hahahaha! Today, illiteracy has purely described dumbness and you are no longer comfortable. I will never criticize a man for his mistake especially when such a fellow acknowledges it. Making Nigeria ungovernable was a project well executed along with outright false propaganda. Today, nepotism is the hallmark of appointments and policy implementation. Bad people are being kicked out with outright protection of killers in rural communities by Fulanis. You are laughable. Sorry

  • abodes_124

    Nuclear summit eh.? He must not miss the meeting in Vanatu about a rare insect that is about to become extinct. Its in second half of April for 2 weeks so he can smoothly move on to it. Nero fiddling while Rome burnt comes to mind. Sai Buhari! The peoples’ Messiah. The one and only anti corruption fighter. Nigeria is truly blessed.

  • Omo Delta



    LISTEN AND LISTEN AGAIN VERY CAREFULLY: There will be nothing like actual democracy in Nigeria until thugs are disallowed to contest election

    Almost all the Governors(including Delta, Rivers), Senators, Council Chairmen are all THUGS in various states

    INEC AS AN AUCTIONEERS: INEC on its part is like auctioneer: giving victory to the highest bidder

    The Police are powerless in Nigeria setting as they play according to dictates of the power that be

    Therefore, not until INEC and Electoral laws and the Judiciary are reform very thoroughly no good thing will come out of our election.


    The last one was rated good because Nigerians are just sentimental and gullible to manipulation