Gambia army chief says troops will not fight intervention



Gambia’s army chief said Wednesday he would not order his men to fight other African troops if they enter Gambian territory, speaking as Senegalese and other troops massed on his nation’s borders.

The Senegalese troops backed by other African forces are on standby to move into The Gambia as President Yahya Jammeh approaches a midnight deadline to stand down or face military action after refusing to leave at the end of his term.

“We are not going to involve ourselves militarily. This is a political dispute,” Chief of Defence Staff Ousman Badjie said, after eating dinner in a tourist district close to the capital, Banjul, eyewitnesses told AFP.

“I am not going to involve my soldiers in a stupid fight. I love my men,” he added, stopping to pose for selfies with admirers while dressed in fatigues, beret and green t-shirt, according to those present.

“If they (Senegalese) come in, we are here like this,” Badjie said, making a hands up to surrender gesture.

Badjie is no stranger to controversy after appearing to declare support for president-elect Adama Barrow and then switching back to Jammeh.

He was recently barred from visiting Gambian peacekeepers in Darfur due to the sensitivity of The Gambia’s ongoing political crisis, which has seen Jammeh repeatedly refuse to step down despite losing a December 1 election to opponent Barrow.

“Our troops are on alert… The ultimatum takes effect at midnight,” when Jammeh’s mandate is due to expire, Senegal army spokesman Colonel Abdou Ndiaye told AFP ahead of the deadline.

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  • Usman Bulama

    Africans love to use brawns rather than brains in solving issues! Pity.

  • Okechukwu Mordi

    Am sure Mr Jammeh has not read this,otherwise he should be doing ‘Ben Johnson’ to any country that is ready to harbour him pending his final hand over to the international criminal court(ICC) to answer for all his sins against the Gambian people.

  • walker3333

    some of our african leaders na wah for them oo once they grab power to leave na wahala wahala chei..look at this man o jammeh he really enjoyed the office o..the office sweet tey hes still licking his fingers and dont want to leave the food plate which is the office.there is something thats attractive and intoxicating in that office,,,look at mugabe that slept through deleiberations and ministers had to postpone meeting and return later cause oga presido mugabe dey snore…we also read he cant remember his ministers name and had to ask which ministry are you from,,,,,,even jammeh and mugabr wives just dey cool they pray make them stay more..or has jammeh wife declared shes against overstay? know you have to support your hubby in rain snow sun etc…i think jammehyet to read the latest news that hes chief of army staff had already surrendered…jammeh didnt realise those around him with such advice are his greatest enemies..pushing him to prison,,they will all disappear i can bet,,
    im very sure removal vans and trucks to help jammeh move his stuff away from presido palace may be hanging around now ..i htink jammeh is in denial,,he never prepared his mind when election was going on because he was convinced he would win

  • ade

    African leaders behave like thoughtless people. What a shame! Power really intoxicates!

  • vincentumenyiora

    Ni better way to lend support to your troops than to remain resolute as you have said it here or your country will go down in ruins like you saw happened to Baggbo in Ivory Coast and your tourism Industry will collapse and Jammeh has had his more than his full share of the benefits whilst he was your Head of State over 20 years we are told! We don’t see what more he can offer you in Gambia which he could not do in that past 20 years, folks! So, suggest to him to throw in the tawell and quietly leave the Presidential Villa and walk away as other educated and civilized past HEADS OF STATE HAVE DONE IN THEIR OWN TIME and he be acknowledged as a sensible Statesman!!



    • Ata2

      He knows he doesn’t stand a chance. The days of dictators who hijack the people’s will in Africa may be coming to an end. Kudos to ECOWAS leaders and AU for making it clear that Jammeh must go.