Government gives traders two weeks for Ladipo Market demolition

Ladipo Market

Ladipo Market

Barely a week after the Lagos State governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, paid an unscheduled visit to the Ladipo auto spare parts market in Mushin, the state government has given traders two weeks notice to quit some sections of the market already marked for demolition.

The notice was announced to the leadership of the market under the umbrella of Ladipo Auto Central Executive Committee (LACEC) on Tuesday by the state government at the stakeholders meeting held to fine-tune arrangements for the proposed multi-layer car park promised by the governor during his visit last week.

“To start with, we will commence the process for the construction with a stakeholders’ meeting next week. At the meeting, we will agree on the process and how the project will be done. We will rearrange the market so that we can commence the construction work next month,” Ambode had said.

This latest development is an anticlimax to last week’s visit, which had already doused tension of a possible relocation of the market owing to the numerous complaints of environmental and sanitary nuisance it constitutes to the public, especially road users in the area.

Apart from the pledge to build a multi-layer car park within the market, so that cars will no longer be allowed to park on the roads, obstructing free flow of traffic, the governor also promised to reconstruct the two major roads within the market, which are in deplorable state to enhance easy movement and create for an environmental-friendly activity in the area.

It was at the stakeholders meeting that market leaders were confronted with government’s decision to demolish some parts of the market. The Guardian gathered that those that would be affected are shops built under the high tension cable along the Five Star axis leading to Ladipo Street and adjoining streets such as Osoro and Olateju, among others, which have been taken over by street traders and auto technicians.

This latest development has thrown many of the traders into panic. They had earlier heaved a sigh of relief when the governor visited to inspect the road, that at last their appeal over the bad roads would be attended to.

When contacted, president of the LACEC, Comrade Kingsley Ogunor, was not available for comment but the LACEC Public Relations Officer, Uba Ezeigbo, who confirmed the development, explained what led to the decision.

According to him, some mechanics, who were allocated the affected areas to be used as workshops, rather built shops on the portion of the land and rented it out to traders. They in turn now moved out to the main road to do their mechanical work.

He said it was based on that the government summoned the leadership and informed them of their decision, which unfortunately, would affect the traders.“The government is trying to avoid rehabilitating the roads and then allow the activities of those mechanics to destroy it again. And we can’t stop them because it will affect the construction of the car park that will bring rapid development to the market.”

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  • Darlington

    Igbos should think home.

    • omoagbala60

      We should all think home; home is where the mind is.

      • Joseph Onipede Adunse

        Go home if you don’t want to comply with the laws of Lagos state. Go to where you can do what you like.

        • gogolagos

          why is that in this Nigeria no argument will be treating without ethically? this is a country where there is freedom of settlement and movement. are the igbos the only ethnic group in Lagos? the government should plan any good thing for the interest of lagosians not mind from which country of state they come from. lagos is state and home of all people living and working in lagos and they contribute in building progress of the state in oneway or the other. they pay tax and spend their money in the state. lagos accommodate all the people living and working in lagos. there is space for every binding resident of lagos. if statically can prove it almost about 3% of Nigerians are living or have relative living and working in lagos. lagos is home for millions of Nigeria and it belong to Nigerians.

          • omoagbala60

            Sincerely, i do not need to quarrel with your summation, there is only one snag; that is ignoring the realities of our time. The States are the next division in our political order –federal, state and local government. Just tell me a State in the over fifty years of the geographical expression; a state governed by a non-indigene

          • Evangelist Dukuye

            Lagos state Governed by Tinubu

          • omoagbala60

            Evangelist?. You are missing the point and the core of our nation’s configuration. Without mincing words, Lagos is the enclave of all Yoruba . It will be eternity before an Obafemi Ladoke will be Governor in SE and Nmandi Ojukwu in SW. Tinubu is still within the sphere of his indiginuity

        • omoagbala60

          Home or away, you cannot do as you like. There are common laws guiding our existence. These lessons in humility should broaden my discourse on this matter: 1– Do as Romans when in Rome.
          2— Do not take or tag other people’s heredity as “No man’s land”
          3— Do stay as welcomed guest no matter the duration of your stay.
          4—- Do not possess hosts’ graveyards because you have the means.
          5—-Do not threaten their leaders in any way-political or otherwise.
          6—Do not engage in activities you will not allow others to perform
          in your enclave.
          7—. Do respect others’ sensibilities and sensitivities.
          8— Do allow charities to begin at home.
          9—-Do try to curb your over-bloated ego as to your supremacy; if
          you are so special why do you need others to survive.
          10.— Do not try to compare America’s so-called “melting pot of
          racism” to Naija, remember, America was taken from the
          natives and superimposed with a foreign culture and lastly
          11. —-Do unto others as you will want them to do unto you.

        • Frank

          Joseph you are not making any sense, igbos in lagos dont break the law more any other ethnic group in Lagos but then i don’t blame you but the igbos. Igbos should know that is soo called one Nigeria but the Nigeria killed them in millions has not be designed to favor them. The only way is to look home and continue to fight with their last blood for a break away from Nigeria. Also remember that every tribe living in lagos also contribute to the development of lagos and resources from other regions was used in development lagos as the commercial center on Nigeria. And finally i want to ask, what do you people mean when you say that igbos Tag lagos “NO MAN’S LAND”? is there any igbo man that owns land in lagos without paying for it?

  • Kunle Omobaba


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  • Frank

    Igbo sorry, think home. All the noise on one Nigeria anytime you want to demand for your freedom. Fight and fight for this freedom and think home.