Government signs N25b contract to aid school feeding

The Minister of agriculture and Rural Development, Audu Ogbeh

The Minister of agriculture and Rural Development, Audu Ogbeh

Egg production deal to create 1 million jobs

As part of preparations for the takeoff of proposed free feeding for school children, the Federal Government has signed a N25 billion contract with Tuns Farms to facilitate egg production in the country.

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Audu Ogbeh disclosed this yesterday.

The project called National Egg Production Scheme (NEGPRO), is aimed at increasing the output of egg production to 50 million table eggs daily by 2018 and create 1 million jobs.

Chairman of Tuns Farms, Olatunde Badmus said the project would be funded by the Central Bank of Nigeria, through the Bank of Industry with assistance of the agriculture ministry.

Badmus said, “The ministry appointed Tuns as consultant and manager of the scheme, to create 1 million employment through the scheme and produce 50 million table eggs daily by 2018.

“The Ministry of Agriculture will assist the BOI to access N25 billion from the CBN under the agricultural scheme. The BOI will select some commercial banks that will participate in it and loans under this programme would be at single digit rate,” he added.

Ogbeh expressed government’s readiness to assist in the programme, stating, “We are ready to give the necessary support to make the farms grow and be able to grow others.”

He also hinted that the plan is to give every child at least three eggs in a week or an egg per day in order to combat malnutrition.

The minister added that the “huge school feeding programme would ensure that these children have a greater sources of protein in their diet.”

As part of the terms of the contract, Tuns Farms is expected to recommend eligible entrepreneurs to access the facilities through the Bank of Industry. The company will also develop customised and standard feed concentrates for the scheme.

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  • Anne Mumuney

    Wonderful scheme but what are the checks and balances put in place to ensure accountability, measure performance, and since this is public money, update the public from to time of the progress. We are so used to hearing of huge sums of money being disbursed for grand projects that never commence, not to talk about being completed. One ministry sometimes spends more that the entire budget of some western countries with nothing to show for it. Please let’s put higher levels of enforceable accountabilty in our projects and developmental schemes. Nigerians we need to change. You cannot carry all your property with you when you die, and because you have hidden it, your children will not even inherit it! So let’s start doing the right thing. I hope that a new generation of egg farmers will become millionaires from the fruits of their labor and help from schemes like this. In the developed world, the farmers are the wealthiest members of society through honest and hard labor. Agricultural minister don’t let this scheme fail. The buck stops with you.

  • ny1010

    As good as it is, it’s a failure on arrival, because there’s no local participation such as states and LGs for easy monitoring and accountability. Command and control from the centre cannot work in a federal system.

    • john

      Fayose says he does not want to participate now. So fg cannot wait for the states. Where they will eat the eggs in govt house.

      • ny1010

        Your level of understanding is limited on the operation of the federal system of government, okay. If not, Fayose, wouldn’t have been an issue of contention here.

  • lord vuga

    Why give the contract to only one company? Wouldn’t it have been better if it was given to more companies so that at least the money can go round and impact more people /areas?
    This apc regime na wa oo!!

  • honesty NO1

    Nigeria is a BIG JOKE ! ! ! Why must everything be a contract.? We are hopelessly fantastically CORRUPT Mr Audu Ogbe i hope the company you awarded this contract to is none of these Your political cronies, your relatives in the poultry business ,your third party business partners,. .Let Nigerians from any part of the country become egg suppliers in their local areas. We dont have to centralize everything This is part of the corrupt system we are trying to DISMANTLE ! ! ! ! ! ! !