How Palmchat 5.1.4 can make online dating easier, safer

There appears to be growing fears when connecting with unknown people in the social media platform as a result of impersonation.

But the introduction of Palmchat 5.1.4 app can make online dating easier and safer as a result of robust technology features embedded on it.

According to Mounir Boukali, the Director, Business Development, Afmobi, the messaging app can help users verify all friendship requests.

The app he explained helps users block out fake people who can play smart to engage in impersonation.

“So, imagine a scenario where you buzz someone you think is a female in the chat rooms, only to realize hours later that the person is actually a male and not lady l? Everyone hates that kind of scenario. But latest Palmchat 5.1.4 now allows users to send a voice call to potential new connections before clicking acceptance “OK” button on a Friend request.

“If an anonymous person sends you a Friends request on Palmchat simply hold the Voice recorder button down for a few seconds and send your potential friend a voice call. if anonymous is a real person, he/ she will do the right thing by returning your voice call before you connect them eventually. It is good to connect to new friends but it is best to connect to people you can trust”, he explained.

According to him, with the latest Palmchat 5.1.4 messaging app tailored made for Africa, users can enjoy custom features that make online dating much easier and safer.

With the app, he said that users can connect with friends or prospect based on interest and the report an abuse.
He informed that the app can also help users to censor inappropriate or unwanted conversations in their thread.
“Palmchat 5.1.4 makes users feel at home with content that relate to their everybody life, Palmchatters can also express their emotions in very familiar ways by using first-of-its-kind native emojis designed exclusively for Palmchat. More young and vibrant Africans are connecting to the world, family and friends through the new Palmchat 5.1.4 messaging app”’, he added.

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  • Tia

    Age is just a number and there are lots of us out there looking for another. After being a widow for two years, I am just recently getting back into the dating scene through senior dating.This new dating game is altogether different than when I dated many years ago. I’m just beginning to feel comfortable with it. What a wonderful opportunity to meet people my age.
    Wishing everyone much success and many loving connections!

  • Daniel Shmit

    Security is most important.. everywhere. But how effective can it be at dating sites. You can never know who are you talking to. Is it a nice guy or some psychopath? I’m using dating sites, actually just one now and it’s a phone chat party line and it looks safest for me.. But we all have to think realistic while talking to someone. That is the biggest security.