Jonathan’s former CSO allegedly detained by SSS



As the dust is yet to settle on the invasion and restriction of movement by operatives of the Department of State Services (DSS) on former National security Adviser, another former Chief Security Officer (CSO) to Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan is said to be in detention since last week, with his lawyers saying he needs access to his medicine.

According to a statement made available to the Guardian from Onochie Onwuegbuna a legal practitioner with Zeran legal services, claiming to be representing Gordon Obuah, the former CSO and calling for his immediate release “as he has not been informed the facts and grounds of his detention in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.”

Obua, an operative of the DSS, like Sambo Dasuki, were appointees of Jonathan and according to the statement, the family believes that “he is being harassed and detained in furtherance of what seems to be a well calculated witch hunt, unlawful harassment gross violation of his fundamental human rights of certain “marked” individuals who served and held offices in the administration of Former President Goodluck Jonathan in other to implicate them by all means for phantom crimes or offences.”

Onwuegbuna said the woes of his clients started a few days before his was finally detained, when the Acting Director General of the Service was said to have summoned Obua to his office on several occasions without being allowed to see him for three days. It was on the fourth day that the DG informed him that there was a petition against him “without telling him the contents of the alleged Petition or the identity or the Petitioner (s)”.

According to the Lawyer’s statement, the worry is on Obua’s health as “Our Client is hypertensive and diabetic to the knowledge of his employers the SSS. and as a result he has been on daily medications to manage these very severe ailments and since his detention, he has completely been denied access to these medications. Our Client has also been denied access to members of his family, his doctor and his lawyers and even more worrisome is the information obtained by his family that he has not eaten or drank water ever since he was detained”

Not minding that he is still in service, the lawyer said, “the actions of the SSS and our Client’s subsequent detention constitute undue harassment and gross violation of his fundamental rights to respect for the dignity of his person and personal liberty as guaranteed by Sections 31 and 35 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“Our Client is presently languishing in the custody of the SSS without access to his medication, food, water and drugs or to any member of his family, doctors or his lawyers and in the circumstance, we hereby call on the SSS to immediately release him as he has not been informed the facts and grounds of his detention in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution”.

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  • Fuzio

    The dark days are back. Brace yourselves folks. That is why it is not good to concede any election in Nigeria. If Jonathan had contested that election, probably he and Buhari would still be fighting it out in court today. Afterall Buhari contested elections where he lost in a landslide. So, there are plenty of precedence for contesting it. This should be a lesson for future presidents. Nigeria is still a third world country and conceding an election is not enough to make the winners treat you fairly. See how Buhari is dismantling everything and installing his cronies. Future presidents are watching.

    • Chukxharry

      While no-one is supporting the harassment and unlawful detention of another by a government security agency,we should not be in a hurry to conclude that the action of the outfit was meant to witch-hunt the immediate past president or those who served in his administration.We need not pre-empt the motives of DSS for effecting his arrest and to start demonizing the present administration on such presumptions.Let us wait to find out why he was arrested and held.Of course,if privileged information and or material(s)found after the exit of the past government linked the said officer or any one else,in some ways,to some crime(s), shouldn’t the person be investigated ,because GEJ had the grace to have conceded defeat?The one detained has no cause to fear and worry about,if his fundamental rights are undermined by the agent of the state, the court is open to him to seek redress,if and when he eventually regains his freedom.

      • Fuzio

        I wish those you are giving the benefit of the doubt deserve it but unfortunately they don’t based on their body language.

        • Black heart

          The “body language” at the moment appears to be security and anti corruption. Is their something wrong with this Fuzio?

          • Fuzio

            Any war against corruption that does not begin with Tinubu or Danjuma is a witch hunt. You can not pursue anti-corruption selectively. That was why it failed flat under Obasanjo. Not only is Tinubu an ex drup kingpin (Google “Nigerian Pres’ Svengali”), he is knee deep into corruption. They should probe everybody that can not account for their wealth (they are legion). Focusing only on Jonathans advisers is mere persecution of his immediate political opponents and will backfire in a serious way.

          • Black heart

            I prefer that it starts somewhere Fuzio. It is not always possible to attack every problem at once. As you have rightly said corruption is legion in Nigeria, getting rid of it must be done carefully.

          • Fuzio

            Since Tinubu is very close to him, that one would be a low hanging fruit. He should start from there.

          • Black heart

            Personally I would go after Asari Dokubo or one of those other militant thugs that are always threatening Nigerias unity to set example. The security of the state is the most important thing for a new government. You get rid of the violent opposition and then you tackle those people close to you who try and stop sweeping change from taking place.

  • Nigerians foolishly allowed Buhari in. They were warned about the man’s antecedents. We are now witnessing a reenact of tribalism, sectionalism, northern domination and breach of human rights. The early we fight sternly the better.

  • isa tukur

    I see no reason why people are in a haste to pass judgement.There is always no smoke without fire.There is a reason(s) why both former CSO and NSA are being tailed and investigated.Did Abdulsallam not inestigate Major Al -mustafa? These is just one of the aftermaths of such positions.The victims know it unless you play it very safe.Take note please Mr Naija _conscience and co, nothing tribalistic, religious, or regional.
    Col Dasuki, former NSA was equally investigated.Is it religious or regional? If his house was not stormed from reliable information, would you have known what was discovered in the house? I believe you are aware that twelve vehicles including five bulletproof cars and arms were seen in his home.What does he intend to do with them? PDP and shameless Fayose even fumed for ‘human rights violation’.Maybe, they will assist us with why those inventories were doing in his house.The days ahead will let the cat out of the back God’s willing.