Lagos shut Lekki Gardens, orders residents out


Governor Akinwunmi Ambode during an inspection of the site of the collapsed building Lekki Gardens PHOTO: LAGOS STATE GOVERNMENT

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode during an inspection of the site of the collapsed building Lekki Gardens PHOTO: LAGOS STATE GOVERNMENT

Barely 24 hours after firing top officials of the State’s building control agency, the Lagos State government on Tuesday ordered the closure of Lekki Gardens over the collapse of one of its buildings that killed 34 people.

The State governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, during a visit to the site of the accident on Tuesday, ordered that the entire estate be evacuated within 14 days, while the perimeter of the collapsed building site be completely cordoned off for security reasons.

Ambode has also ordered that integrity test be conducted on all estates owned and managed by the Lekki Worldwide Estate Limited across the state, to prevent “them from killing other people.”

The governor, who commiserated with people that lost their loved ones in the tragedy, said that he had constituted a five-man committee to examine the Urban and Regional Planning Law of the State as it affects the Lagos State Building Control Agency (LASBCA).

The committee, headed by TPL (Dr) Moses Olubunmi Ajayi, a past President of the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners and Association of Professional Bodies of Nigeria, will also examine the operations of LASBCA and make recommendations for changes that will ensure effective service delivery.

The committee will also within four weeks recommend organisational re-structure and appropriate manpower for the effective operation of LASBCA and study the legal and operational issues affecting the functioning of the Materials Testing Laboratory.

Other members of the committee are the President of the Nigerian Institute of Structural engineers, Engr Ore Fadayomi; Arch. Yetunde O. Ajayi (Retired Permanent Secretary); General Manager Lagos State Planning Authority (LASSPA) and Secretary of Lagos State Building Control Agency (LASBCA) as Secretary of the Committee.

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  • excel excel

    And where exactly does the governor want the residents to go to or how does he expects them to get an accommodation within 14days and who is going to give them money to foot the rent should they find new accommodations?

    • Concerned

      Are their lives not worth more than the cost of 14 days accommodation?

      • Ezekiel

        When the Govt finds it hard to deal with displaced persons.
        We are talking about over one thousand families.. where do they go?
        Lets not be sentimental.

        • Dejandon

          So they should be there to witness another carnage upon themselves?

    • Jangirova

      Your questions are good and correct. BUT when there are safety issues to lives and property, that takes precedence and overrules everything else. If the police say that armed robbers are coming to your house tomorrow and you should vacate the place while measures are being put in place. Will you be asking where you will move to ? Ideally, the Government should mandate the developers to accommodate them while those tests are going on.. just as the Governor said the developers will pay for the cost of the integrity tests. BUT from a channels TV documentary that some Lekki Gardens resident posted on you-tube long ago , those developers are just here to make fast money and not to leave an enduring legacy. That’s obvious now. The residents should just go to court and file for their claim.

      • excel excel

        It’s a good thing they should relocate for safety purpose, but considering the economic situation in the country, you might be surprised some of these families don’t have where to relocate to (by this, I mean they might not have relations or friends in the state and might not even have money or means to borrow). So are we saying because of trying to safeguard their lives in one way they should be exposed to other life threats in other ways (e.g. through living in the streets because that is the only option for some)? So my point is this; the government should relocate and settle these people that have no solutions to the relocation ultimatum issued by the government and thereafter make the management of the estate to foot all the bills that will be spent. This way, the goal of wanting to save lives will have been totally accomplished.

  • Name Seni

    Another committee!!

  • Ezekiel

    Is the present administration trying to say the last administration in Lagos state didnt do their work?
    Am seeing tall buildings all over the said estate. Who gave approval?
    Are they saying for over 1 year , the govt agencies didnt see this buildings situated in prominent locations?
    There was a mistake, someone will be held liable i concur.
    If the state has charged the company, they should allow the court ruling before taking the law into their hands except if the judicial system is compromised?
    This is democracy not autocracy.