Made-in-Nigeria: Residents shift to local rice in Enugu



Most residents in Enugu State have shifted patronage to locally produced rice, popularly called `Abakaliki rice’, as alternative staple food.

A correspondent of NAN, who visited major markets in Enugu metropolis on Saturday, observed that the de-stoned brand of the local rice had flooded grain selling shops.

The `Abakaliki rice’ now sells for between N12,000 and N14,000 per 50kg bag depending on variety; as against the foreign rice which is sold between N20,000 and N23,000 per 50kg bag.

The markets visited included Gariki, Ogbete, Mayor, Artisan, Kayetta and New Markets as well as some departmental stores in the metropolis.

NAN also observed that most rice retailers and hawkers who sell in cups and bushels, are currently stocking only the local rice.

Mrs Eunice Madu, a grain seller in Mayor Market, said that almost all the stocked local rice bags had been bought during the yuletide leaving out the foreign rice in the shop.

“I must confess we sold out almost all our available bag of `Abakaliki rice’ during the yuletide as most people turned to it due to its improved processing and de-stoning qualities.

“Also, it has lower price; with a margin of about N10,000 difference from the foreign rice,’’ she said.

Mr Chukwuebuka Okoye, a rice retailer, said that the local rice had made it possible for many families to still eat the staple food.

“At least with N70 you can get a cup of de-stoned Abakaliki rice as against N120 for a cup of foreign rice.

“So, we are getting huge daily patronage on the local de-stoned rice,’’ Okoye said.

Another resident, Mr Okechukwu Ugwu, said that the ban of rice and policy thrust on massive rice cultivation is in the right direction.

Ugwu noted that apart from saving scarce foreign exchange; cultivating rice leads to increase in productive activities and creating jobs in the country.

“It has been proven that the local rice is more nutritious, filling, and tasty; while it can be stored longer than the foreign rice,’’ he added.

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  • Adeniyi Ogunfowoke


  • loveNigeria

    Congratulations ENUGU state…..God bless this Governor and Nigeria. NOW we are getting out of recession!!!

    • Chukwu

      What do you mean by congratulating the governor of Enugu State? Or didn’t you read “Abakaliki rice”? Or is Abakaliki now in Enugu State?

      Mr man, give to Umahi what is Umahi’s and to Ugwuanyi what is Ugwuanyi’s.

      • loveNigeria

        Hey Chukwu, I did not do that intentionally, I didn’t know that, and also not from south east, I was only commending the good work of Abakaliki town with the state attached. As I am chatting with you I have lost count of many towns and state they belong, though I have heard of Abakaliki its a very popular town in the east, but since the splits and creations of states, even some towns in the west, I sometimes asked, but north east and west, I am completely lost town with states they belong. I just google Abakaliki now as your comment did not give details as well.

        Abakaliki is a capital of Ebonyi state. But you almost confuse me with your respond when you said, Umahi and what about Ugwuanyi, pls I don’t know sincerely.

        CONGRATULATIONS!!! to Governor of Ebonyi and people of Abakaliki. I pray for fertile land and good harvest. I am very proud of you people with this rice production, also Kebbi state, the Lake Rice.

        • Chukwu

          You are welcomed.

      • Kickboxer

        While Umahi but more importantly Eboyi farmers (producer) should be commended, the highly educated and informed Enugu people (the consumers) who patronize the Abakiliki rice should be commended or you want them start buying Kebbi rice or foreign ones?

      • Prince Oguntoye Olabanji

        Gross misconception being exhibited at its peak… For your information, Local Rice is called Ofada Rice in the South Western Nigeria as it is also Abakaliki Rice in both the South Southern and South Eastern Nigeria. The fact that it’s called Abakaliki Rice doesn’t mean it’s solely produced in Ebonyi State. That is just the general name. The same rice is planted, harvested and processed in Ogoja, Cross River State and itz still called Abakaliki Rice, does that mean they are products of Ebonyi?

        • Chukwu

          May I know where you were coming from, please?

    • Kickboxer

      What has the Governor of Enugu got to do with it, with all due respect to the governor or you are desparately looking for a politician to commend?

      • loveNigeria

        Hey Kickboxer, I do appreciate your comment, but kindly scroll down this part of my first comment and see the same concern raised by Chukwu and my respond to it. Thanks

  • safin200

    Good news!! We commend the people of Ebonyi state especially the hardworking farmers. The government in both Federal and state must do the obvious in Ebonyi, Kebbi and Anambra by pumping more money to these farmers so we can attain self sufficiency in rice production and thus conserve our scarce foreign excahange.