Man killed, scores injured as Hausa, Fulani clash over girl

One of the victims of the clash

One of the victims of the clash

A Violent clash at the abattoir in the Hausa community of Oko-Oba area of Agege, Lagos State, yesterday claimed one life and left scores injured.The Guardian gathered that the crisis was triggered after a Fulani man allegedly beat up a young Hausa girl over a yet-to-be ascertained matter.

The young girl ran home to report to her parents, which incited some infuriated Hausa youths who set out to avenge the beating of their sister.The incident had first started with an exchange of words before it became bloody.

They fought with machetes and other dangerous weapons, at the end of which a man was killed and several others seriously injured.It took the intervention of the Commander, Rapid Response Squad (RRS), Olatunji Disu, alongside the Area G Commander to restore peace, while arresting four suspects.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State Command, Fatai Owoseni, has directed that a peace parley be organised with leaders of both factions to seek a lasting solution and prevent its recurrence.

Confirming the incident, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Dolapo Badmos, said it took the intervention of the police to quell what would have deteriorated to a more serious crisis.

She said: “The Lagos State Command has quelled what would have been a serious crisis in Abattoir, Agege area of the state. At about 1p.m. today, there “The Command’s operatives from Area G, RRS, and Abattoir Division were moved in to quell the crisis. The Commissioner of Police has directed a peace parley to be held with leaders of both groups and an intensive patrol in the area.“The value of property destroyed is not yet known, though a life was reportedly lost while four suspects were arrested,” she said.

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  • Basil Ogbanufe

    Can living in genuine peace be possible in Nigeria among Nigerians?

    • William Norris

      Yes, when the country is restructured so that each tribe is in control of its own political and economic affairs.

      Strong fences make good neighbors. Nigeria needs to be remade into a Confederacy of Independent Tribes, something like the EU but with a very WEAK central government.

      • Basil Ogbanufe

        My dear friend please explain very well to me what you mean by “when the country is restructured”. Also, have in mind that Nigeria is an amalgamation not a union.

        • William Norris

          LOL….if you have to ask me the what restructured means then……

          Whatever Nigeria is, it’s composed of HUMANS who can REMAKE it.

          Then again, I’ve always believed Nigerians generally have less intellect than my dogs. No wonder the country is a mess.

          • Basil Ogbanufe

            Please simplify further REMAKE it

          • William Norris

            I don’t have the time to waste.


          • Basil Ogbanufe

            Hmmmmm. Really?!

      • Artful ºDodger

        Moron! What ias restructuring and economic affairs got to do with the news? Beside breeding nuisance with degraded mentality less than .0 what else does your own region bring to the table as far as the Nigeria project is concerned?

        • FuzzyLogic

          Why do you always develop goose bumps when people demand to live free? You need to explain to the whole world what you stand to lose when people run their lives as they see fit.

  • Standing Emperor

    What? Hausa vs Fulani. Buhari’s hunger must be hurting everyone. Buhari is the cause, I bet.


    Basil the answer is NO. However a large number of people are living in denial of this basic fact.

    • Basil Ogbanufe

      My dear friend it is baffling why we choose to live in denial. What is it that we are gaining? I am praying that this country breaks up peacefully into several independent countries.

  • vincentumenyiora

    All things strange and dangerous I said earlier, you can find in Nigeria, folks! We hope that the’change mantra’ will now kick-in but they should extend it to the Mosques and Churches please to make it effective!

  • tope

    Nigerians are very funny so if brothers are fighting or husband and wife, the solution is to restructure Nigeria. When Ondo man fight Ogun lady the answer is to restructure Nigeria. pls lets look beyond this abeg. Nothing is stopping each state to be productive just corruption and insincerity.