MTN dares NCC, says ‘we are not paying’

mtn• Telecoms firm heads for court, commission ready • No respite for subscribers over barred telephone lines • 14 days left for operator to pay $3.9b fine • Moody cuts firm’s credit ratings

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  • amador kester

    Ncc board ought to be sacked immediately and probed for compromising and using kid gloves on mtn all along. It puts the nation to ridicule

  • New Nigerian

    First MTN refused to disconnect the unrigisterred subscribers, inspite of the warning and the penalty. It chose the penalty. NCC had to write up MTN for the fine as the regulator. MTN made noise, sponsored international analysts and multitudes of sponsored op-eds in international media to pressure Nigeria, that the fine would result in loss of foreign direct investment…bblah blah blah…finally President Buhari weighed in and got their fine reduced by 33%. And what did MTN do, even that they do not want to pay and now they go to court to contest it – so much for special considerations from the presidency. Summarily MTN kick sand on the face of the New Minister of Communications who practically begged the President to help MTN, the same way they rubbished NCC by blatantly allowing it’s network to be used by terrorists (hiding behind 5.2m non registered subscribers that MTN allows on it’s network, in th efirst place). MTN’s lack of integrity continues and it is about to find out that “Khakhi no be leather”.

    NCC should sunset the 33% “considerations” it gave by December 31st, 2015, if MTN refuse to pay the $3.9b. NCC should write to MTN that effective January 1, 2016 the full amount of $5.2billion is payable. The executive should then stay out of it and then let us see any court that would hamstring NCC to do it’s constitutional duty!

  • Olaniyi Ayeni

    thanks jooooo mtn. kind of offense did mtn commit to be fined such a ridiculous amount! $3.9 Billion. That is what i expect mtn to have done all these while. They should even go as far as the international court at the Hague.

    • akpo

      Let MTN carry the matter to any court in the moon or Jupita. She is subject to the laws of any country where it operates its business.

      • Olaniyi Ayeni

        My dear friend let us be realistic, do you know the meaning of 3.9 Billion dollars? Ah, did mtn kill somebody? MTN investment in Nigeria may not even be up to dat amount. That money is more than the total budget of Nigeria for 3 months. Its just crazy!

        • akpo

          My brother, the South Africans are ingrates.We did everything to ensure they got their independence.What did we get as thank? hatred; because we do pummel them in competitive football.Their companies that came to establish businesses here are out to make an over kill gain.
          For instance, if not for the entrance of Glo into the communication industry,charges per call would not have dropped to the level they are now.

          Nigeria is the largest market of MtN.When the company was asked to sell some shares to the Nigerian public,she turned down the request but instead sold shares to the South African public who did not request for it.Do you know how much profit this company has made from this country?

          The south African companies are not friendly just as their country’s citizens.For instance,DSTV jerked up the price the Nigerian TV stations should pay in order to enable them to show live coverage of the African Cup of Nations they hosted where as they gave other African countries
          lower uniform prices.We called off their bluff and consequently the matches where never relayed
          live to Nigerians locally. Thus far, they must pay now or there could be further consequences for