Much ado about Ifeanyi Okowa’s critics (1)



RACISM is a heinous crime tolerated among Africans who are themselves victims; it is a demonic venom entrenched in our socio-political life, to achieve narrow ambitions through tribal periscope. Despite the pretence, we don’t access people who offer themselves for leadership on competence but on tribal or selfish considerations and no matter who is there, as long as he is not from our ethnic or parochial interest, we pull him down. This is the “kabu-kabu” politics bedeviling our development.

Governor Ifeanyi Okowa under a financially poor state (Delta) which he inherited is already a victim. The man was given the hoe and cutlass at inauguration but cannot use them to farm because famine had consumed the soil and made crops and grass lifeless, the rain to bring life and enhance fertility of soil is lacking. That is why Dr. Okowa is treading carefully to raise a disciplined team to revive a dying patient. The dissolution of boards though necessary is examining a patient to find a cure, because some of these boards were corrosive avenues for “ewedu and amala” characters without service to sprout, they milk the state, rather than contribute to wealth. They encouraged nepotism, financial recklessness by churning figures which don’t tally with the reality on ground.

The joy is that Okowa came through free and fair Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) primaries devoid of political godfathers. He came through the people in general elections who elected him and that’s why cleansing the Augean stable, rather than probe which wastes time and resources, is necessary. The criticisms about dissolution of some boards and the Asaba Capital Development Bill are ill-timed, laced with primordial sentiments. It is a normal decimal for members of same gang, united in thievery to engage in negative campaigns whenever their loot is recovered. How do they expect a governor that is a product of people’s electoral power to condone incompetence laced with lies and accept lunatic facts from boards that lack fertilization of ideas? How can a governor accept a Civil Service Commission that gave jobs to the highest bidder and traded the very essence of governance and trust? How can Okowa who wants to perform rely on failed structures and liquidating corrosive platforms if he wants to fulfill his electoral promises? How can he develop Asaba and Warri, the political capital and economic capital of the state without a law as a guiding path? How do they think a Governor that was a victim of manipulative injustice tolerate clowns, political sycophants and self-righteous sacrificial libations of a director, whose trade is dancing naked with corrosive facts on pages of newspapers to escape accountability? The projects he credits to himself are great on his newspaper verbal diarrhea. These claims of “holier than thou” qualified him for an exalted office from “a one man” political party where he claims the inheritance of member, wards, local governments and state executive to himself. The PDP was generous, not for lack of manpower in its fold but fortune of “this one man party structure” that can’t stand Okowa’s people- centered government.

The state has moved from these impediments that becloud our development, cleansing the rot to place food on our table, livelihood, security, peace and prosperity. Development is not about newspaper, radio or television propaganda but perception and appreciation of physical accomplished projects by the people. We are lucky to have a leadership that abhors praise singers as sycophantic political tools, that’s why Okowa admonished Deltans, “don’t kneel down to greet me or genuflect, as I am human like you, give adoration to God who made heaven and earth”. We are driven by competence, commitment and compassion to engineer growth and development, Okowa needs our prayers and understanding than the congratulatory messages we put on newspapers, to clean the waste of humus that dots our political, social and economic life.

Our greed is so visible, some firms that share boundary with federal roads in the state have annexed parts into parking plots without response from concerned officials, our environment is polluted, flood is encouraged by blocked drainage system that lead to nowhere, even with rivers and streams that surround our cities, the drainages are filled with wastes. Streets are turned into parking spaces or local authorities rent them to willing “owambe” party fun-makers, negating public interest. We cannot continue like this.

To be Continued
•Abugo wrote from Uzere, Isoko South Local Council of Delta State.

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  • BlackieUmukoro

    Don’t mind the idiots, who think because they walk on two legs, should be counted as humans too. Their advertorials in the dailies are empty, hollow and wobbling and can never stand. Medical rehab is what they urgently require

    • gogolagos

      what kind of opinion is yours? nobody understand what you are referring to.

      • BlackieUmukoro

        The misguided lunatic who placed adverts in newspapers to truthfully lie without shame and think that he can hide his filthy/smelly past behind a finger, will clearly understand. Grandstanding is another name for cowardice Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN