Ajimobi urged to slash N200m security vote for workers’ four-month salary arrears


Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State

GOVERNOR Abiola Ajimobi has been implored to immediately pay the four-month salary arrears owed workers in Oyo State.

The call was made by Oyo State chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Olayinka Taiwo, who claimed that the recent posture of the governor was an indication that workers’ interest did not concern him.

Wondering why Ajimobi, who is owing workers, has suddenly withdrawn free shuttle buses for them and students, Taiwo said the development showed a ‘deliberate and callous disposition of the governor’ to the needs of the people whom he ‎pledged to rule with the fear of God.

Taiwo declared: “The governor must stop this embarrassing economic crisis in the state resulting in many homes not been able to feed their families as a result of arrears of salaries being owed workforce like the situation in the neighbouring Osun State. The governor must review the salaries, allowances and cost of running government downward with immediate effect.

“Does it make sense for you not to pay workers and you have been receiving around N200 million security vote monthly for the past four years? This security vote must be slashed to accommodate the payment of arrears of suffering workers and pensioners in the state. The governor must also declare his assets. He declared his assets in the first term. So, why is it difficult for him to do so again?

“The PDP, as a party, will not fold its arms and allow the governor plunge our dear state into an economic crisis like what is going on in Osun State now. We, as a party, do not want Oyo State’s situation to get to the point where we urge well-meaning Nigerians to donate food to workers in the state. While the government has explained why workers in the state have not been paid for months, the PDP feels that the APC-led government in the state needed to change its strategy and avoid the business-as-usual approach, which led the state to the current economic abyss.

“This government must have learnt lessons from building a kilometre of road for N1 billion and building a flyover for about N3 billion when there was abundance of wealth, only for the state to face stingy hardship months after, when there is a slight reduction in income.

“We call on Governor Ajimobi to match his words and corporate experience with actions by being forward-looking and planning strategically for the future so as to avoid a repeat of the present situation.”

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  • Freesharfab Onome

    The governor cannot declare his assets because there is a huge discrepancy between then and now. Where do you think all the money for local government, security votes, over-valued costs for Mokola bridge, private health service for the wife at the expense of state hospitals et al. went?