Ajulo urges Buhari to address demands of 17 southern governors

Dr Kayode Ajulo

Former National Secretary of the Labour Party (LP), Dr. Kayode Ajulo, has urged the Federal Government to quickly address, head-on, all issues raised by the 17 southern governors in their resolutions.

In a statement, yesterday, Ajulo said what the southern governors requested in the resolutions were not unusual but that the demands represented the agitations of the citizens of Nigeria, which the Federal Government must address promptly.

He said what the southern governors had assiduously displayed was a great milieu of nationalism, noting that the various issues adduced by the 17 governors are constitutional and not sectional or regional issues.


“We must eliminate the blindness, which still obscures the truth of that position.

“It is not an open secret that the herdsmen-farmers crisis in the southern part is one of the underlying issues of insecurity in Nigeria. Placing a ban on open grazing will keep at bay the incessancy of the crisis.

“Secondly, on the issue of integration, it suffices to note that Nigeria is a country with more than 250 ethnic groups and with an estimated population of about 170,123,740 according to the 2006 census, which makes it by far to be the most populated country in Africa.

“Consequently, under this arrangement, the level of interaction between individual ethnic groups, cultures, traditions, religions from different backgrounds has translated into ethnic and political misunderstanding, mistrust, dominations, conflicts and crises as one may not be considerate with one another. As a result, there are fears, suspicions, intolerance, grief and greed domination among most communities in the country and especially in the North, which has so many ethnic minorities.”

Ajulo said there is at present widespread discontent with the country’s federal structure and arrangements.

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