Avengers blow up Chevron oil well

Another Chevron oil well blown up by Niger Delta Avengers (NDA)… yesterday.       PHOTO: BLOGWATCH.COM

Another Chevron oil well blown up by Niger Delta Avengers (NDA)… yesterday. PHOTO: BLOGWATCH.COM

An oil well owned by Chevron has been blown up by Niger Delta Avengers in Warri, Delta State, the group announced.

“At 1:00am today, the @NDAvengers blow up Well RMP 20 belonging to Chevron located 20 meters away from Dibi flow Station in Warri North LGA,” NDA said.

It also denied being any in dialogue with the Federal Government.

The minister of state for petroleum resources, Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, said on Monday that the government was ready to enter into a dialogue with the militant group and scale down the military presence in the Niger Delta, hoping to stem down the spate of attacks on oil installations in the region.

“Probably, we will suspend the operations of the military in the region for a week or two for individuals in the creeks to converge for the dialogue,” Kachikwu said.

He explained that the government was determined to restore “genuine peace in the region where oil production has been significantly hurt by the activities of the Niger Delta Avengers”.

He urged the militants to accept the government truce offer.

“The avenue is open for them, provided the militants are willing to embrace dialogue and allow truce to reign,” he said.

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    Na now them want dialogue,for 60years of oppression and northerners owning the oil wells in Niger delta region

    • okpada

      Our people who own oil well what have they done to our region. Is only Hausa/ Fulani that owns oil wells what about the IBO’s? Let us face reality, even if they give us everything we will still have problems. Initially it was nothing: then 13% derivations that have enriched a few group within 16 years beyond being poor from generation to generation in the region. Bayelsa state is the smallest state in the federation- with all the allocation plus 13% derivation which is the third highest in the region could not still pay salaries of workers but Edo state with the lowest 13 % derivation is up to date in payment. It is leadership problem we have in this region. Our leaders are greedy and thieves.

      • MUkintu

        You must be a demented idiot. Can you name the Igbos vis a vis other groups that own oil blocks in the region. May be in your wild imagination you forgot that Imo,Abia and Anambra are oil producing states.

        • Ikorodua

          No need for talking;- the youths:- the Avengers are doing the talking with GBUA GBUA. So, leave them to their delusion. Enslavement never lasts forever, it’s against the law of nature, believe me

      • Ibu Anyi Danda

        people perish because of lack of knowledge, definitely you are one of those people, slave.

  • fagarjaji

    diversify or perish! It will be interesting to see how Nigeria survives without a drop of oil. Just like pre-70s. If this is meant to sabotage the anti-corruption crusade, I hope the president puts it on steroids!

  • Blunt Arrow

    Had the federal government paid attention to the creek boys and develop the area to look like Venice in Italy that would have given them a sense of belonging.

  • MUkintu

    The government must meet their conditions before any talks. Their objectives and demands are very clear.