Senator Blames Jonathan For PDP’s Woes

goodluck jonathan


A stalwart of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Borno State and former National Assembly Liaison Adviser to late President Umaru Ya’Adua, Sen. Abba Aji, has accused the immediate past President Goodluck Jonathan of allegedly “destroying the party for selfish interests” before handing over to the new government.

Abba Aji, who was defending his decision to defect from PDP to the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Maiduguri Saturday, told newsmen in an interactive session that the former president knew the future of the party was glaringly bleak for months before elections.

“PDP was deliberately destroyed by Jonathan. He was the greatest beneficiary of democracy in Nigeria and PDP’s 16 years of ruling in over two dozen states and at the federal level.”

He also alleged that, “the immediate past president did everything to undermine the progress of this great African party and left it worse than he met it in the last five or six years. He simply messed up PDP for probably selfish interests.”

Sen. Aji, who said the fight against Boko Haram in the North East sub-region of the country did not receive timely attention from the Jonathan presidency until things got out of hand, warned that an additional year or more to the increasing on going insurgency in Borno state and the affected sub-region, could compound and create bigger problems for the state and the country.

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  • Nelson Ekujumi

    Jonathan left destruction and ruins on everything he touched and what a pity

  • Fada4Life

    So senator when there is problem in APC where will you defect to???

    • Debaye

      Good question bro. Don’t mind the fair weather politicians.

    • Chukxharry

      Why did you wait till now you jumped ship to start bashing GEJ?Your belated lamentation is just a desperate alibi to justify your shameful action!When shall we have ideology-bound politicians in our polity?It’s unfortunate that 95% of our present-day politicians have no clear-cut ideological orientation or leaning.