Vote Wisely To Turn Nigeria Around, says Fadayini

TOWARDS the 2015 elections, a call has gone out to the electorate at the grassroots to use their votes wisely by voting candidates who have workable plans to bring about a turnaround in the nation’s economic, infrastructural and social development. 

  The advise was given by Rev. Paul Fadayini, District Overseer of Foursquare Gospel Church, Ifako Ijaiye, Lagos, while speaking with The Guardian on the state of the nation and on the forth coming elections. He said Nigerians who strongly desire to see the country evolving a sustainable democracy after this round of polls must come to terms with the painful truth, which is, that Nigeria has big gaps to fix in the economic, educational and infrastructural sectors. 

  According to Fadayini, Nigeria is a nation blessed with huge human and material resources, but its development has been seriously slowed down by poor infrastructure, especially in the power sector, as well as poor governance, which invariably affects the areas of economy, education, health, employment and social security among others. 

   He said, “Our understanding of these economic, political and social realities should guide the electorate to elect a new set of leaders that will govern the nation. With the national election around the corner, the electorate should look out for the leader who strongly believes in the unity of Nigeria. They should look for the person who understands the realities of the nation’s economic, infrastructural and social backwardness, and has workable plans for bringing a turnaround in these areas spelt out in his or her political agenda.”

   “There is a problem common to many developing nations, but Nigeria’s democracy seems to be turning the corner. Judging from the recent governorship elections in some states, in Ekiti and Osun states, the Independent National Electoral Commission could be said to be living up to its billing. 

INEC will have to raise the ante during the coming polls and make Nigerians proud of their fatherland wherever they are, home or abroad. The wide publicity of election results mounted after Osun State governorship election by the major parties and the Nigerian press should be sustained and improved upon during all elections.”

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