PDP govs, Reps talk tough over Saraki, Ekweremadu, Fayose

Senate President Bukola Saraki at the Code of Conduct Tribunal in Abuja …yesterday. PHOTO: LADIDI LUCY ELUKPO.

Senate President Bukola Saraki at the Code of Conduct Tribunal in Abuja …yesterday. PHOTO: LADIDI LUCY ELUKPO.

• Senate says Rules forgery trial is to cripple legislature
• CCT reserves ruling on self-disqualification motion till July 13

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Governors’ Forum and the party’s caucus in the House of Representatives yesterday seemed to have woken up to the realities of the threat facing the party and urged President Muhammadu Buhari to call the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to order to desist forthwith in their persecution of Senate President Bukola Saraki , his Deputy, Ike Ekweremadu and the Ekiti State Governor Ayo Fayose.

While the forum chaired by the Governor of Ondo State, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko asked that Mr. President should immediately intervene to rescue the country from what it described as the current gross abuse of the constitution, the PDP House of Representatives members rose from an emergency meeting vowing to resist any attempt to illegally remove them from office.

The caucus while briefing newsmen in Abuja said the onslaught on the leadership of the upper legislative house, is an attempt to erode the independence of the legislature as enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

In a related development, the Senate yesterday decried what it noted was a carefully thought-out plan to cripple the legislative arm of government in Nigeria‎.

It has also invited the Attorney-General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, to appear before it tomorrow to answer questions relating to his roles in the planned trial of Senate presiding officers over alleged forgery of the standing rules of the upper chamber.

The Senate also insisted that ‎its 2015 Standing Rule was not forged but remains a legal and valid document that had been authenticated by the upper chamber since its second day of inauguration in 2015.

Meanwhile, the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) has fixed July 13 for ruling on the motion filed by the Saraki, asking the Chairman, Mr. Danladi Umar, to disqualify self from his trial.

At the resumed hearing yesterday, Counsel to Saraki, Paul Erokoro (SAN), told the Umar, that the Senate President, who is standing trial before him on false assets declaration, cannot get justice from him because of his bias and prejudicial comments in the trial.

In a statement issued yesterday apparently in reaction to the freezing of Fayose’s bank account by the EFCC, Mimiko said the action of the anti-graft agency has portrayed the nation as one in crisis.

According to Mimiko, the danger in the decision of the EFCC to freeze Fayose’s account amounted to distracting and impeding the activities of a sitting governor contrary to the provisions of the constitution.

He stressed that the EFCC cannot interfere with the account of a sitting governor, adding that such an act would not find comfort with the position of Section 308 of the Nigerian Constitution.

“What has happened is a blatant and violent infraction on the provision of the Constitution and our democracy. It’s an attempt to subvert the constitution and it is fascist. The intention is to achieve a penal sanction without going through the due criminal procedure and criminal proceedings.”

Mimiko said the essence of Section 308 of the Constitution of the country was to safeguard governors in the country from distractions, insisting that, “what they have done now is to distract the governor of Ekiti and this is not good for our democracy.”

Minority Leader of the House, Leo Okuweh Ogor (PDP, Delta) challenged the executive to provide instances where the presiding officers had hands in the amendment of the Senate standing rule.

“The PDP caucus of the House of Representatives has noted with total embarrassment the lawsuit reportedly filed against the President of the Senate, Senator Bukola Saraki and Deputy President and the highest political office holder of the PDP extraction, Senator Ike Ekweremadu; and two others in connection with the alleged forgery of the 2011 Senate Standing Orders.

“Democracy thrives on mutual respect and cooperation among the three arms of government. Therefore, the executive arm of government has no business whatsoever meddling in the internal affairs of the legislature. Each of the House of the National Assembly since 1999 has always had its own rule produced by the management of the National Assembly, hence Senate Standing Orders 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2015 in the instance of the Senate.

“We therefore challenge the Attorney General of the Federation to tell Nigerians how it came about the names of Senator Ike Ekweremadu and Senator Bukola Saraki in the lawsuit or how a legal practitioner of his ranking preferred criminal charges against presiding officers of the National Assembly without according them a fair hearing,” the caucus submitted.

They said the National Assembly should not be taken for granted for the understanding and cooperation it has accorded the executive in the last one year, adding that they have bent backward to accommodate the excesses of the current administration in the interest of peace.

Also, a statement signed by the Deputy Minority Leader of the House, Mr. Onyeama Okechukwu said: “This latest onslaught in the form of charges preferred against Ekweremadu in particular and others in general cannot be sustained in a competent court of law.”

Meanwhile, ‎the court summons inviting the Senate President, and his deputy, has been posted at the notice board of the Senate.

The summons from the Abuja High Court listed Saraki, Ekweremadu, immediate National Assembly Clerk, Salisu Maikasuwa and Deputy Clerk of the National Assembly, Ben Ofeturi as defendants.

But, in a unanimous adoption of a motion sponsored by Senator Dino Melaye (APC, Kogi State), the Senate described as unfortunate attempts by the executive arm of government to muzzle the legislature and make it an appendage of the executive.

The only two prayers of the motion which received unanimous endorsement read: That ‎Senate mandates the Senate Committee on Judiciary, Legal Matters and Human Rights to within two days summon the Attorney General of the Federation to explain and justify with evidence the basis for his action and why it does not constitute gross misconduct, incompetence, contempt of court and abuse of office; that the Senate Rule 2015 is not forged and it is the authentic rule of the Senate.”

Ekweremadu, who presided over the session said: “Thank you very distinguished colleagues. I am going to put the question, I don’t intend to say much because I’m involved. I just want to add that those who use their public office today to persecute others must realise that no condition is permanent,” Ekweremadu said.

The CCT chairman had on June 7, told Saraki that the delayed tactics he alleged the Senate President was to be employing through his lawyers will not reduce the consequences he would face at the end of the trial.

In a motion on notice filed by Erokoro, Saraki claimed that the comment by the chairman was prejudicial to him and that neither the chairman, who was personally served with the motion, informing him of the prejudicial statement made in the open court nor the prosecution had denied the statement.

Erokoro also held that by implication, the CCT chairman and the prosecution have admitted making the statement and as such, the chairman should disqualify himself in the interest of justice and fair trial.

He maintained that the independence and the impartiality of the chairman as envisaged in Section 36 of the Constitution can no longer be guaranteed.

He said: “Once a judge by word or action shows that he cannot hold the scale of justice, he should disqualify himself”.

In his argument, the prosecution counsel, Rotimi Jacob (SAN), vehemently opposed the motion on the grounds that there was no basis for it.

Urging the court to dismiss it, Jacobs held that the application was frivolous, abuse of court process and a deliberate attempt to delay trail.
“It is not fair, it is not fair. They were trying the chairman’s state of mind,” he insisted.

In a quick response, Erokoro reminded Jacobs that there was a statutory provisions for the establishment of the tribunal and that the authority knows what to do in that regard should the need arise.

At this point, the lead defence counsel, Chief Kanu Agabi (SAN) warned against a situation, where the judge begins to look beyond the result of his judgment.

“The duty of a judge is to act. Once a judge begins to look beyond the result, he cannot act,” he noted.

In the midst of a heated argument, the chairman abruptly adjourned ruling on the application till July 13.

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  • KennBest

    Dear PDP Governors, was the house rule altered? If yes, then Saraki and Ekweremadu both have a case to answer in court. Did Nigeria money (N1.2b) find its way into Fayose’s Zenith bank account? If yes, let the money remain frozen. It belongs to Nigeria and not Fayose. Dear Senathieves, did Sarathief make false assets declaration? You have a responsibility to answer us that question at the CCT.

    Even if Buhari is looking for who to light a match on, you don’t help him by pouring petrol on your own bodies. If you’re guilty, you’re fried because the Nigerian public you’ve always lied to, are wiser now.

    • dvapologetics

      Wow. it is now a consistent pattern that EFCC is picking on vehement critics of the presidency. people get arrested, arraigned and accused in the media few weeks or days after criticising the presidency. are you going to close your eyes to that??? if this country becomes an islamised Gestapo republic do you think you will benefit from it???

      • Lucky Igabari

        Maybe the next person we would hear about is senator Dino Malaye cos he’s always being by Saraki. This is a scheme by Buhari to eliminate every form of opposition potential individuals so that they can have an easy ride. We are watching.

        • paul irumundomon

          He will fail 100%

          • Lucky Igabari

            His failure is so guaranteed my brother

    • Olutayo

      U asked a question and answered it yourself on jst one side… Y not think dt both buhari, the attorney general and EFCC are wrong ?.. Y jst d tot of IF YES ? y not IF NO ?. our problem starts with us not being sincere and neutral .

    • Kennbest, people like you are the ones who will eat their words when it dawns on them that the so called Anti-Corruption PMB is driving is aimed at crippling the activities of a few to sustain his party ambition and create fear which the last time I checked “Seems more of an Authoritarian style governance” than a Democratic rule. PMB is abusing his Authority and Power and if he continues this way Nigeria’s Democracy will become a laughing stock. This is a big setback from the progress we had enjoyed for the past 9 years or so. Obasanjo did something similar and honestly Nigerians should think deep next time when voting because these Ex- Military men coming to run for President will do our democracy more harm than good.

      • Lucky Igabari

        What if NO ??? NONSENSE

      • Lucky Igabari

        My brother you can take the man out of the military but you can never take the military out of the man

        • paul irumundomon

          Elshihiwer was a general in American army, he won the second world war, he did not take away the right of Americans.

          What war did buhari fight, the war that was one sided. He knew everything he is doing. By the time apc will tell him enough is enough, it might be too late for him to change course and start to create jobs, that is what Nigerians need. Right now, is only pdp that is talking, just wait a little bit more, others will join. Nigerians are suffering, a hungry man is an angry man.

          • Gabriel

            So Now you know Nigerians are hungry,and so any senator found wanted should not be held responsible? Continue enjoying your loot,very soon you will vomit it.

      • ’70

        Ok, point taken – we should continue to support stealing!

        • Lucky Igabari

          What do you know about the level of stealing involved with politicians

      • paul irumundomon

        Nigerians will soon be tired of him. Look at his appointments, 90% are from the north, this a country that don’t look like one nation, every apointent is northerner, he knows what he is doing, if he can’t hear that Nigerians are already gramblying, he will have a bigger problem very soon.

        • yinka

          Here we go again. There real beef with Buhari is Federal appointments and prosecution of looters of the nation treasury. War against corruption must be sustain to a logical conclusion and no amount of propaganda or rhetoric from can stop EFCC. Before looting is not corruption but today it is and PDP better join the crusade or they will stampede out of political relevance.

      • Mo Green

        Efe, Which progress did we make as a country in the 9 yrs u refer to, if i may ask.
        Is it the blatant looting of our common wealth you are referring to?
        You should have your head checked.

      • Truetalk

        There is nothing like Authoritarian style of government if you are truly sincere with your view. Its a very simple issue, Saraki and Co implicated in the forgery case should go to court and prove it otherwise if not true. The beauty of democracy is predicate on the rule of law, so let them go and face the law. Every evil doer in Nigeria today don’t want to face the law because they perceived PMB as a tyrant. This is not a military tribunal but a court established by the constitution. This noise making by those indicted for one thing or the other will no longer be accepted, they should simply go to court and sought themselves.

    • Celestine Okorie

      The APC government is carrying out a national re-orientation program to remind Nigerians that “stealing is corruption”. You may recall President Jonathan and the PDP told Nigerians it is not. These Senathieves cannot believe it is no longer business as usual!!!. They are yet to realize that there is a new Sheriff in town!!!
      Our culture of impunity must change. Our culture of stealing must go.
      Somehow I cry because President Buhari has been slowed down by age and the democratic dispensation. If it were in his young agile years, many of the Senathieves would rather be worried about how to escape the firing squad for their various crimes against the Nigerian people.

      • paul irumundomon

        Police not sheriff, sheriff do things right, these people are all over the place and they are loosing steam.

      • Lucky Igabari

        Many of the Senathieves would mean many of the APC members cos they they represent the majority in the house. That also happens to be a party in which he’s a number member at the moment. Are then implying he’s in a party of thieves.

        • Marcus Ijele

          Do not answer that man. He knows nothing. I am just seeing that name appearing here for the first time and with a terrible comment.

        • Jaja Majaja

          Very brilliant question you asked him….I wonder if he has an answer

      • Mo Green

        Gbam!!!!!! God bless u.

      • tunde008

        My brother you too much

      • EDNAKEMI

        Oh, my dear, I feel so too!!!

    • Arabakpura

      And to think that the senate issue on forgery was reported by Senators smirked of very big mischief! If you put the issue on secret ballot in the senate, you will be surprised at the number that will vote for the prosecution of the SP and DSP!

      • Darlington

        What is holding those Senators who you alluded to from moving impeachment motion against Saraki and Ekweremadu if they have the number? You’re an agent of dictationship.

        • Arabakpura

          Ì wouldn’t know obviously but we will confirm in the days ahead! Oh BTW, thanks for that compliment; you will soon find out that it is also good for your soul!

        • Lucky Igabari

          My brother please ask him o . Even down to the lower chamber they all agree the executive is being high handed

      • Marcus Ijele

        Why are they not talking now? At Saraki’s first appearance at the CCT, the same disgruntled greedy Senators who wrote the pettition followed him to court. Well, may be to mock him,but it is a shame that amongst them, there are those who are so poisonous.

    • Darlington

      Who determines when rules are forged? Who produced 1999 Standing Rules used in inauguration of National Assembly in 1999? Buhari is using all unconstitutional powers to effect leadership change in NASS which is not possible. If you failed to see all these (including Buhari’s forged certificate) that means you’re an insufferable hypocrite.

      • Truetalk

        Just imagine your question, it should be that the rule used was from the 3rd national assembly, go and research on it. Why not ask about the rule used in inaugurating the Senate leadership in 2003, 2007, 2011? or better still go and ask your father how your linage came into existence. The truth remain that it was a group in the same senate who raised a point regarding the alteration of the senate standing rule before the inauguration of the present senate. The issue did not emanate from the executive. The same group in the senate petitioned the then IG on this issue and the police did their investigation and give recommendation for the prosecution of those involved. PDP should stop showing sympathy for Saraki who did not become a senator presently under the platform of their party. On alleged forged certificate as you claimed, I will advise you to try your best possible to live above this senseless assertion. The PDP who fabricated the stupidity of “forged certificate” for 2015 election campaign has long time regrettably given up on it. PMB is the president of the federal republic of Nigeria with or without certificate.

    • Marcus Ijele

      How do you determine if a man alters his document you are not in possession of?Has the Senate ever sent any copy of their rules to the Judiciary for inspection? Now that the Senate said their rules were not forged, is it not obvious the so called AGF, who has forgotten his sworn allegiance to honesty and uprightnes will latter be embarrassed? The leading mad dog called Buhari has succeeded in making every body working with him mad too, including you . For Umar to forget himself and make the utterance he made in a case he is presiding needs sober reflection on his integrity and leaves much to be desired. Even Pilate did not submit Jesus for crucifixion till evidences and witnesses exhausted their submissions.

      • Lucky Igabari

        He totally forgot himself my brother. How could he have preempted a case this sensitive, bringing his personal bias into the fray

      • Mo Green

        May I ask u Marcus, who petitioned the police about alteration to a public document? Is it the attorney general or Senators? What is the duty of the Police on the issue of forgery? What is the duty of the chief law officer of the Federation when a criminal case is brought before him? Think, Marcus think…………

        • Marcus Ijele

          Bros, I de thinkooo. My quarrel about it is that the pursuite of this forgery thing is pregnant of mischief. You know that it is a revenge mission. That document by its standard is not a public document. I do not think that before this forgery case came up, any person outside Senate enclave had read it to tell when it is forged or not. It is a private property of the Senate on how they run their affairs. It does not come under judicial scrutiny. Those who reported case of forgery are those who are fronting for Buhari who is indisposed with the position of Ekweremadu and Saraki in the Senate. If that rule had favored their prefered candidate, even if it was authored by devil, no body will talk. Brother, it is the hands of Esau and the voice of Jacob.

          • Lucky Igabari

            My brother am wondering why some people are now thinking as though we were not in Nigeria anymore. This is a simple 1+1. There those who had been influenced to frustrate Saraki’s candidature but it failed. They’re the ones taking matters of the house outside. This is playing politics with our democracy and they’re all guilty of it. I wonder why some people are now taking it personal, are they expecting Saraki would not fight back or not. Instead of being objective and seeing things from a neutral standpoint they are busy pointing fingers here.

      • KennBest

        They’ll be presented in court.

      • tunde008

        If it is not forged,why is it different from the 7th senate one? You mean the police is lying?

        • Marcus Ijele

          Can you tell me how many times the Federal constitution has been altered and amended and tell me who has been charged for forgery on it?

    • Gabriel

      Thank you so much. There think been on that seat is a clearance to commit any crime. Senator Buhari was caught on certificate firgery, year 2000.was he not removed? this clowns think Nigerians are fools.

    • Mo Green

      KennBest, I must thank u for this piece. May ur days be long.We now know better.

    • John Paul

      Additionally, Saraki, Ekweremadu and Fayose lack the integrity to serve in the government of the worst Banana Republic on earth, not to talk about the Federal Republic of Nigeria

      They allowed their hubris, lust for power and unbridled greed to cause them to betray their countrymen, their families and themselves.They are perverting our democracy only because they want to save their own skin. Even worse, they are dragging other legislators and government officials with them, into their disgusting show of shame.

      Nigeria is bigger than these relics – Saraki, Ekweremadu and Fayose- of the slimy environment that characterized the last dispensation. They should all bow their heads in shame, apologize to Nigerians and resign from the positions that they occupy

      Enough is Enough !

    • chimaegbukole

      Please watch this.

  • Lucky Igabari

    Mr if Yes… What if NO ??? NONSENSE

  • Lucky Igabari

    I knew this administration was a scam right from the beginning. How can your fight against corruption be picking on people from just one camp. Not even one person from the APC camp even if it’s fake just so that people would think you’re not biased at least. It’s so shameful how they go about witch hunting people who do not but into their change agenda, calling people names like enemies of progress and all. A sincere and strong government would allow opposition thrive no matter how they choose to go about their business. Jonathan may not have achieved much but nobody was crucified with all the insults hurled on him even when he did right.

    • ’70

      Just keep your mouth shut!

      • Lucky Igabari

        Thank you Sir

      • Lucky Igabari

        But you can choose not to read my comment how much more replying.

        • ’70

          Because your comment is wrong. Wasn’t Jafaru Isa for example picked up and made to refund his loot?

          • Lucky Igabari

            He was released barely 8 hours after his arrest after delivering false statements and returning a little over half of the money. They let him go saying he’d pay up. Now my question is are they implying that he doesn’t have assets that could be confiscated pending when he pays up ? Why was his case also very fast that it didn’t last up to a day ? Finally what Sanctions did he get from his party for involving in the scam and what’s his friend Mr President doing about his relationship with Jafaru.

          • ’70

            He was released based on the fact that he returned over half of the money and made a written commitment to return the rest. Why should they then hold him back? Also, why should they confiscate his property when he has deposited his international passport? As for sanctions, he forfeited the post he was being earmarked for and buried his face in shame. What else???

      • Lucky Igabari

        People like you should not even be here in the first place. What are you really doing here


      U mean Saraki is of the PDP colouration too?

      • Lucky Igabari

        The fight against Saraki’ s candidature is not a fight against corruption. We all know what that fight is about my brother

        • MR.TWITTTER

          And so the forgery act should be overlooked?

    • bolly issy

      please tell saraki ,malaye etc to announce there interest in dpd or tell nigerians they are no more an apc member then you can talk of bias but as at the moment apc lead government is not bias simple let the law of the land prevail

    • Mo Green

      Lucky, u certainly dont deserve a response to ur stupid postulation.

      • Lucky Igabari

        Mo whatever you call yourself please cardiac arrest is on the rise don’t kill yourself with all these outburst of emotions you’re displaying here insulting people without restrain. If your emotions can’t accommodate platforms like this please you can try Lindaikeji’s gossip blog. You can’t just be insulting people for airing their views no matter how stupid these views seem to you


    All ye evil thinkers and doers shall be thoroughly exorcised in but a short while.It baffles my imagination that any soul can make a watery defence for Fayose when the accused hasn’t debunked any of the EFCC claims or prove the ONSA transaction records to be fictitious.And why should the Senate arrogate the judicial powers to itself by attempting to interprete d law as to the practice and definition of the term “Separation Of Powers” & the limits of each arm?When did the courts assume the status of a prison?Why does Saraki always evade court summons if no skeleton in his political cupboard?

    • Lucky Igabari

      You people preach your fight against corruption as though it’s fight against a selected few that’s the problem. If Saraki is found wanting eventually let him go in for it and I pray this administration to have enough balls to make pursue all of these to the point where justice is seen to have been achieved not just abandon it halfway. If Fayose is found wanting he should face the law likewise. My concern is that the process should be fair, the court should not preempt or look beyond Its bounds and then finally the fight against corruption should be sweeping and not selected. You should also not that much of the energies that would have gone into chasing meaningful development is being expended on chasing shadows and that equally has consequences.

  • Anne Mumuney

    Today is the late Jo Cox’s birthday, may her soul rest in peace. My interest in her is what she was doing when she died. She was holding her usual clinic with her constituents in the area that she represents, so that she could take their issues to the floor for debate if necessary. This is government. Our representatives obviously have no idea of the job that we overpay them to do. Have any of our reps ever had consistent planned meetings with the people he or she is representing? Do we pass our issues on to them to fight for us. Are we even aware that that is their job. Do we hold them to task to perform their jobs. We certainly pay them enough to do the job. Every day in the papers we are bombarded with the frivolity and unseriousness of our representatives. Please do not call them leaders. They are NOT our leaders, they are our voted in representatives, chosen to take our various issues to the floor and protect our various interests by debating and enacting bills or laws that reflect the concerns of the people, large or small,. They represent us and nothing else and that’s what we pay them to do. We need to start taking them up on their responsibilities. We need to speak up to our reps. If you have issues, you need to find out who represents you at each level of the legislature and bombard them with emails, letters, adverts in the papers, anyway you can, until they are forced to do their job. This is your right as a Nigerian citizen, and only you can claim it. If they are actually doing their jobs and held accountable by you their constituents, a large percent of this ridiculous frivolity will go away. If we don’t hold them accountable how can we complain about them. It’s time we woke up and educated ourselves properly about our civic rights and responsibilities, from the okada driver in ilasa, to the maize farmer in jos. It make not work in this generation, but if we start, the next generation may benefit. Make your reps work, after all you pay them.

  • Yinka

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  • Irele ati ITELORUN

    Fellow Nigerians, please allow our institutions to grow, let us always focus on the laws, legality or illegality using judicial pronouncements to guide our positions. JSC Uwaifo robust pronouncement on Bola Tinubu case is a must read for all.
    Allow EFCC, FMJ, ICPC and Nigerian Police to go after all and everyone that have infringed our laws.
    I will advice Gov Ayo Fayose to ask the secretary of state, Ekiti, to seek a declarative judgement on the freezing of the governor’s personal account.
    The question I want to ask is simple, if I steal $1billion USD of NNPC money and transferred it into a serving Governor personal account, what should EFCC/Police do with the transfer? Allow the Governor to enjoy the proceed of crime or according to JSC Uwaifo (rtd) investigate the allege crime and PRESERVE the evidence till after immunity must have lapsed.
    Devoid of emotions this matter is simple.
    Our leaders must learn to respect our laws, we must compel them to respect our laws, that is the only time they will respect us. SP, DSP, Speakers, Governor etc must subject themselves to our laws, no politics, no emotions.

    • Mo Green

      Irele, people like u are supposed to be contributing on this platform to educate those PAP heads who see persecution in everything the government is doing.
      Majority of them that contribute on this platform did not benefit from the loot yet they sheepishly make assertion about witch hunting.

    • ukarakpa

      Thank you. Very superlative. The best of the best I’ve ever read in this forum from inception to date. To add, nobody should be allowed henceforth to be above the law of the land in Nigeria. It’s a disgrace for us o trample upon the law using one useless excuse or the other when it suits our purpose. In sane climes, world over, the law binds the President, Governor, members of the legislature, Judiciary. civil society and all. No exception. There, if you break the law, you pay and accept the sentence. See there could be no forgiveness of sin or restitution in law, if there’s no confession and a bit of punishment. I plead my country men and women wake up from modern reality and eschew parochialism. Enough is enough with toying with the soul of the country – Nigeria.

  • Curseless

    What does talking tough means. If you steal my money, then I want it back ASAP and it does not matter if assembly man, governor or minister is etched on your fore head. Immunity clause has no relevance for people who have by there acts and creed put people into penury. No one in Nigeria must enjoy that kind of privilege when the masses are suffering at this high level

  • Okebowale Kemmy

    These guys have so many questions to answer…The questions doesnot deal with explanation, its either Yes or No
    EFFC have provide anwers to where,what,time,how….with their evidence
    If they are found guilty by the law, so they should feel the heat..
    We are talking about corruption here irrespective of the both party grudges

  • These whole things make it appear the senate President is a member of the PDP. The distractions and disturbances are too numerous. Are the architects of the present distraction foreseeing that Saraki will trounce them at the CCT, hence the need to open a vista at the high court on forgery. If I were Saraki I will find my way back to the PDP, very obviously, he is not genuinely needed in the APC!

  • Ednya

    I hope well meaning Nigerians will understand the system of apc. They make sure they frustrate other party govrnment to paint non-performance governance and take over as they smuggled themselves in power?

  • tunde008

    Because the PDP senators all benefitted from the forgery.They all got juicy committee chairman positions as promised by Saraki

  • DON22

    It is rather unfortunate that Nigeria and Nigerians have found themselves in a dire situation where they are being led by a family that is full of deception, while pretending to be one with integrity. What a home.
    If the husband is not lying about how they are borrowing N27m to buy nomination forms when the wife is donating N300m to charity, the daughter is living a flashy lifestyle in the UK. If the husband is not lying that he is worth only 150 cows and a house in Kaduna, the wife is wearing a N10m wristwatch that she claimed was a gift. If the husband is not lying that he completed his secondary school certificate, while hiring 21 lawyers to appear in court on his behalf when asked to provide same, the wife is claiming it is another Aisha Buhari that was an accomplice in a $170m money laundering. How do we cope with such a family as a Nigerian first family?
    The level of dumbness and urgent response to defend their lies is another subject of concern. When the husband is not asking for the school to quickly release a fake WACE certificate in 2015 with a 73 year old man’s picture as that which was obtained in 1962, the wife is generating a fake passport issued in 2012 to replace that of an Aisha Buhari that was involved in money laundering in 2006.
    The level at which their folly is expressed in an attempt to fool Nigerians is legendary. To think that the International Passport of a pseudo Aisha Buhari appeared online 4 hours ago today only after the court judgement indicting the wife was made public is marvelous. In their little deceptive brains, they have ones again successfully deceived Nigerians.
    Yet unfortunately, these are the bunch of unintelligent criminals we have to deal with for another 3 years as the Nigerian first family. Nothing, not even one thing has appears intelligent or straightforward from these people. And interestingly, we have a conglomerate of clowns online that actually believe in them. What a world…
    Even the passport of the pseudo Aisha Buhari has a scarf on…..Scarfs are not allowed for international passports… Her two ears are covered which is not supposed to be
    How on earth would these clowns not even learn how to do one thing right..even when lying…
    LIVING A LIE MIGHT JUST BE A LIFESTYLE….21 question, Nice song

  • Tony

    If there are 1999 Standing Rules, 2003 Standing Rules, 2007 Standing Rules, 2011 Standing Rules and 2015 Standing Rules. Does that not suggest that the rules for each senate are not exactly thesame and are being modified for better management of the senate affairs?

  • loveontopover

    These thieves you call PDP (Party of Depraved People) are not ashamed of what they have done to Nigeria? They are still angling to destroy it even further? No! The era of looting to serve yourselves is over. Nigerian support Buhari! No body should alter any part of any rule to benefit itself or any other person! Should elected office holders in the name of governor be part of a plot to destroy an established system like the SENATE? If Ekweremadu and Saraki have changed the standing order so as to become senate president and deputy president, then the law must hold them accountable! If they say they have not done anything wrong, then they must defend themselves in the court of law.

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