PDP wants Truth Commission to probe Buhari’s alleged receipt of gift from NSA



THE Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) said yesterday that the denial by President Muhammadu Buhari on his alleged benefiting from funds relating to the arms deal scandal, underscores the need for a neutral and transparent body like an independent National Truth Commission to examine all issues relating to the handling of security votes and campaign funding.

The PDP in a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh, yesterday, said the allegation that President Buhari benefited from the office of the former National Security Adviser contrary to the convention of dealing with the office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) also stresses the fact that the war against corruption should be holistic, transparent and not politicised.

“We challenge this administration to a no-holds-barred public inquisition on all issues of security votes and campaign expenses. This is more so as we have evidence that President Buhari and the APC budgeted and spent billons of naira corruptly sourced for their presidential campaign, in addition to on-going sleazes in the system under the APC government.

“Furthermore, this current orchestrated and selective war against corruption should not be an excuse to justify the onslaught by the government against democratic institutions, especially the judiciary, wherein judicial officers are now being hounded and coerced in the desperation to take over key PDP states of Akwa-Ibom, Taraba and Rivers.

“Today’s Court of Appeal ruling against Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike and our federal legislators are clear fall-out of President Buhari-led government’s muzzling of a session of the judiciary, a development that portends grave danger to our democracy and the much desired peace and stability in the volatile region of the Niger Delta, especially coming on the heels of the violence that led to the inconclusiveness of the Bayelsa State governorship election.

“We are very worried that our country, now under the command of President Buhari is gradually sliding into a police state. For instance, how can this government explain its indifference to the recent senseless bloodletting in Zaria, Kaduna State where the military clashed with an Islamic group resulting in loss of lives, as well as the attack and killing of some protesters in Onitsha, Anambra State by security agents?

“We note that these developments are in direct contrast to democratic environment created by the PDP in the last 16 years where the rule of law and freedom of citizens were allowed to reign.

“Of utmost concern is the unprecedented and frightening polarisation of the country coming as direct consequence of the undemocratic tendencies of the Buhari administration. In the last seven months of this regime, there has been an alarming escalation of inter-and intra religious and ethnic hostilities that clearly threaten national cohesion and stability.

“We therefore caution this government to come to terms with the fact that this nation cannot afford to contain, at this time, undue and avoidable pressure.”

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  • sunday government

    Truth Commission for what? Has he denied receipt of the cars under the presidency of Jonathan? Did other Heads of State receive similar “gifts”? Can Metuh just ponder for one moment if the gifts to the former Heads of State did not provide evidence of the rot in the system? Metuh should stop this diversionary tactics and let the perpetrators face the music fairly.

    • Pabloma Oloso

      PDP should try something else. What is wrong in replacing the security apparatus of an ex-head of state that was attacked in a campaign trail. We are in a situation where issues should be approached with all carefulness and a good sense of proportion. Nigeria today is going through a lot of challenges due to the free hand with which the past operated and compensated individuals that were suppose to course the country forward. PMB is starting from somewhere and does it matter where the starting point is marked? We don’t care as long as sanity and process orientation is restored with accountability for each process in place. Is it going to be stormy while corrections are taking place? Of course, but we also want to see a situation where policies implemented to track leakages does not crumble the economy of genuine Nigerian businesses. That is my major concern because a lot of business are packing up because of the hard stands and policies being put in place to track past looters and stop leakages. A few from the past governments have driven us to this point and something needs to be done and done quickly.

      • Damilola

        Well said my brother, no one feels comfortable having her secrets coming out. However, the truth commission as proposed by Metuh is not only rational but commendable for the sake of the “Masses”. I believe with such move we could all see clearly the true position of the two parties and their members, sir, like the Oputa panel, a lot of issues wud be revealed from both sides. So let em go on with it, they both have a lot to loose for for it and the masses will be vindicated. Although, I can bet with my last breath that Buhari will never give in to that proposal cos his “modified personality” is at stake.

        • 100%Iboguy

          What has a truth commission got to do with criminal activities? Criminals must be treated like criminals and must not be treated with kid gloves. Nigerians masses are going to oppose any attempt to derail the prosecution of criminals.

          The truth commission may be set up but must not interfere in the prosecution of criminals. If suspected criminal activities must be handled by the truth commission then all other suspected criminals be they armed robbers, kidnappers, etc. must be given the same opportunity to state their ” true positions” before the truth commission.

          • Damilola

            Gbam!!! “Truth commission must not interfere in prosecution of criminals”. But it’s plausible to hear from both sides on allegations and counter-allegations, about many issues that surrounded the 2015 elections in campaigns and aftermath, especially their campaign funding. This is because many issues raised especially by the then opposition before, during and after the electioneering process, cannot all be cleared by the court within this Buhari era and we’re thirsty for the truth. For one, I don’t think the Oputa panel impeded any court proceedings, so this can’t also. This people need to be exposed to whole world, the way Buhari is going with it nothing will happen, bet me. Presently I don’t see him fighting corruption all he’s doing is fighting “pay back”- vendetta. We’ll both be alive to see where Dasuki case ends

    • Festus

      @Sunday, wait a minute. I think Chief Metuh has raised a salient point here – take a close look at this and digest for a moment –

      Chief Olisa Metuh, yesterday, said the allegation that President Buhari benefited from the office of the former National Security Adviser contrary to the convention of dealing with the office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) also stresses the fact that the war against corruption should be holistic, transparent and not politicised.

      PMB has ruled this country before and I am sure he understand this procedure. Could he have queried the source and request that the gift should follow due process. I read PMB’s comment that he initially did not want to collect the gift but friends and well wishers prevailed on him to collect so, he actually smelt a rat but could not overcome the temptation. Just ponder on this for a while and let’s be objective. Perhaps, there is something I am missing.

      • Babso

        Yes, indeed you missed out something. There is no where he claimed to have received the two cars from Dasuki but rather from the government as his entitlement. Remember he did not request for it but it was a replacement for the damaged ones.

        • Ajah Exodus

          are u confused?…. he received the cars before the incidence? is it still replacement for a car that was yet to be damaged?

    • Sunday, understand metuh, and understand him clearly. Metuh is not against the probe, all he is saying as I have read is that the probe should be holistic, non partial and unbiased. Metuh says if you want to clean the system, clean up the system from a genuine standing, do not do political cleaning or attack only his party (PDP) men.

      • 100%Iboguy

        Deacon, understand Methu, and understand him clearly. He is not saying he supports the probe, all he is saying is that we were in power for 16 years and we did not see anything wrong in what anybody did for those 16 years and the only way we can derail the current process is if we keep on referring to what we did not see in 16 years. Methu says we are in power for the last 16 years and there is no way the probe will not focus on our party, so we have to frustrate the process by all means.

  • loveontopover

    All that got money ‘gifts’ from office of the NSA should return it so that Dasuki can return the rest to the federation account! Now none of those people should be punished by imprisonment but Dasuki alone because he sentenced Nigerian citizens to by his action!

  • Babso

    Do you really know how government works? The car will just be deliver to him as his entitlement from government and not necessarily from Dasuki. How do you now see that as a wrongdoing?

  • Burton Lyn

    Mr Metuh can try to create a diversion but #Dasukigate will not die! The PDP got us where we are…had they won the last election,nothing would have been heard so the clean-up must start from somewhere.

  • Madiba

    For now Buhari has immunity against any prosecution. Let the courts deal with each case in its own merits. No two cases are exactly the same. Metuh and Co can wait till 2019 or 2023 and take Buhari and others to court. For now lets support the judiciary as they do their job.

    • Nwokolo

      PDP and their self deceit. This was what led to their woeful failure and still they have not learnt anything. Tufiakwa!

  • honesty NO1

    We should all remember that metuh owned up to receiving an unspecified amount of money from dasuki. So he need to throw a spanner in the wheel of the fast moving train of justice before it catches up with him

  • amador kester

    If he got armoured personnel carrier for protection at that time as an ex head of state there is nothing wrong with it and how can he know the source of the procurement funds? Only if raw cash was involved could one speculate about a possible concatenation unlimited for now

    • esio

      Mr President is not an ordinary Citizen and was not as a former President. He could not buy or receive any item from any where; except if he was reckless.

      Being an accomplice to a crime is a serious matter; it is Criminal.

      Ignorance is never an excuse in the court of law. Not knowing the source of the good Jeep makes him more culpable. Assuming we take your comment as his defence, you have only pleaded guilty for Mr President.

  • New Nigerian

    Metuh is asking for the war on corruption to be replaced with a party for corruption. He is looking for ice in sahara desert. Signs of a desperate man.

  • Olivia

    The PDP are a bunch of jokers!!!! Be the opposition party of substance, not one that speaks when it is not needed or when it has nothing reasonable to say. I bet the lame duck Akpabio is the one trying to give them these foolish ideas…It looks like the PDP are filled with small minded people. I would advice them to watch videos and read journals of APC when they were in opposition, to see how to be a better opposition party. They could learn the terminology, amongst other things from the APC. Honestly, when the APC Speaks, they come up with very knowledgable recommendations but the PDP are always crass. O pity!!

  • Dauda Dangora Nalado

    .well, I am not a politician.PDP and APC are all feathers of the same bird. WhatvI know is that there are 3 types of corruption. These have to do with life,dignity and wealth(money). Buhari, pretends to fight the last one (money) but abuses the first two which are more important. He extra judiciously approved the killings of Shiites and he has continued to approve the demonization of selected individuals.
    So the fight on money corruption is not sincere. Hence it will backfire. By this comment, anyway, it should be noted that we do not support corruption of any kind.
    Nigerian masses and elites should now understand that this administration is doing business as usual if not worse. Look for change elsewhere. Can’t we ponder on why Buhari and his imperial masters are after Elzakzaky?