‘PDP will produce next Senate President if Saraki is forced out’

bukola-sarakiAPC senators move to close rank

Chairman of the Senate Committee on Niger Delta Affairs, Peter Nwaboshi, said yesterday that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) would produce the next Senate President should the incumbent, Abubakar Bukola Saraki, be forced to vacate the office.

Nwaboshi, who in an interview with journalists in Abuja decried what he called messages of blackmail against Saraki on account of his trial at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), said the PDP was ready to replicate the current system in the United States (U.S.) where the Republican Party is in charge of the parliament while the Democrats are in control of the executive.

He said: “Well, I wish All Progressives Congress (APC) the best of luck if they are making that wild goose chase. But I want you to mark what I’m saying; I was the first to address the press in Port Harcourt and I told them that Saraki was going to win the Senate Presidency and I gave them my reasons. Then, nobody ever thought that Saraki was going to win. People were saying that APC had decided. But it was clear to me that he was going to win and I had to address the press.

“If anybody is thinking that a PDP man is going to vote against a PDP candidate, he is telling you a lie. We have people and we know how to get the people from APC. We will win and that will be very interesting. What is happening in America is going to happen in Nigeria. America has a Republican Senate but the executive is led by Democrats. So, it’s happening in different parts of the world. I can tell you with what’s on the ground that we will produce the next Senate President.”

“The man (Saraki) is going to court and he is obeying the court order. Until it is proven that he is guilty, no amount of blackmail will make us shift our ground and our support for him. In any case, my party, the PDP, we have resolved in our meeting to support him. So, there is no basis for him to resign.”

Nwaboshi’s statement came barely a week after all senators elected on the platform of the APC met to get united in support of the Federal Government policies.

Although the meeting held in the house of former Sokoto State governor, Senator Ali Wammako in Abuja, was initially said to have been called with a motive to get all senators of APC united for Saraki, it was later learnt that senators at the meeting were more concerned about the embarrassment the disunity was causing the ruling party in the Senate.

According to sources close to the meeting, the lawmakers wanted a situation in which the interests of government would be promoted at all times in the Upper Chamber.

The meeting was said to have resolved to work in the interest of the party to ensure that the opposition party (PDP) never had its way on any matter.

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  • Paul Graham

    Let PDP do whatever they want to do and the Code of Conduct Tribunal will try whoever it wants to put on trial. Political gibberish will not work so those flying a kite should stop waisting their time
    Let the trial commence!


    Who elected this unintelligent man as a senator? comparing what is going on in USA to the house of cards we have here, the senate in US has majority of Republican likewise the Rep, there members have souls & conscience & always think about what is good for there country & people who elects them, but here in Nigeria, we elects people who are soulless & have no integrity & care less about the people who rigged them in. There conscience has been sold to the devil,

    • yinka

      The idiot did not know that VP is the US president of senate.

  • British Nigerian

    Just shows how backward you all are Senator Peter Nwaboshi.

    You are conviniently picking and choosing what reference you take out of American politics. In this same USA you refer to, NO politician in office charged with corruption will still be holding onto his job like an “Orangutan”.

    The other day, I saw pictures of Saraki receiving British MPs and foreign dignitaries. Do you know how difficult it is for a british MP to be seen shaking hands with a politically exposed person? It smacks scandal of the highest order, and their judgement could be called into question. However, in Nigeria, Buhari is compelled to introduce Saraki to foreign dignitaries with a “Straight Face”. It’s a complete PR disaster in the commitee of nations.

    If you’re playing politics, it dosen’t have to always be “Dirty”.

  • John Paul

    The Nigerian elite need to reorient themselves

    The only reason the masses kicked PDP out of power in 2015, is that PDP ran a kleptocracy in Nigeria for 16 years. If PDP did not loot our treasury without reprieve, and in the process deprive us of development, Nigerians will not care if they remained in power for 60 years.

    As it stands today, PDP’s arrogance is preventing them from learning the lessons of 2015. Nigerians are hungry for development. Nigerians understand that we cannot go from 0 to 200 in one second but we need a government that will give us their best efforts, as opposed to making a career out of stealing our meager resources

    A wonderful thing happened on the 28th of March, 2015 – Nigerians liberated themselves. But one man’s inordinate ambition dampened our revolution and almost stole our joy

    Saraki and his cohorts should be thankful that PDP was voted out of power. In light of the crash in crude prices and very little savings after an oil boom, had PDP been not been kicked out of power, the civil unrest that would have been going in Eagle Square and Aso Rock today, would have made the Arab Spring look like a picnic. And Saraki’s last minute decampment to APC would not have saved him, from the wrath of the masses

    As attorneys and counselors at law, Saraki’s attorneys are not giving him wise counsel. A wise counselor would have advised Saraki walk away from this battle, on day one, because a victory for Saraki at the CCT is a loss for Nigeria’s justice system and 170 million Nigerians

    Saraki should resign and stop distracting our country from tackling the dire economic situation that was largely caused by the profligacy of Saraki and his cohorts

  • Jacky

    This Senator Nwaoboshi is simply daft and doesn’t know that Republicans are in the majority and that’s why they control the U.S. Senate. The U.S. Senators are lawmakers but the Nigerian Senators are lawbreakers, and that’s why Nwaoboshi foolishly thinks PDP; a minority party in the Senate can produce the Senate President. Pitiful.

    • AMARA.C

      Point of correction PDP is intact with pro Saraki senators and they all former PDP members stop talking before thinking ,politics is a game .